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In 1916, Heidsieck & CO Monopole sent a shipment of 3,000 bottles of champagne to the Imperial Russian Army in St Petersburg. These crates of champagne were to be shipped from Sweden to Finland on board the Jönköping, before being transported by train to St Petersburg.

During the journey in November 1916, the Jönköping was sunk by a German submarine. It was not until July 1998 that a Swedish underwater expedition discovered the Jönköping at the Eastern tip of the Baltic Sea at a depth of 64 meters, bringing up 2400 bottles of 1907 Heidsieck & CO Monopole Champagne. Despite 82 years under the ocean, the bottles were in perfect condition.

Upon tasting, it was revealed to be a nicely balanced wine that was not maderised and with fine, persistent bubbles. Today, you can share this unique experience with the Millésimes d’Or Collection.

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Heidsieck & Co Monopole was founded in Reims in 1785 by Florens-Louis Heidsieck and is one of the original Champagne Houses. From the outset the House shipped internationally, particularly to Germany and Russia where The Tsar, a connoisseur of Champagne wines, sent for two entire train loads of Heidsieck & Co Monopole every year. It was a Royal supplier to the King of Prussia and the Emperor of Germany (1818), the English Court (1911), the Swedish Court and King Gustav (1933) and Tsar Nicholas II and many other European emperors.

Today Heidsieck & Co is a multi and regular award winning Champagne House that has a wonderful historical heritage and produces modern Pinot Noir-driven wines of exceptional oenological quality.

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Calcareous soil, a significant storehouse of heat, and the climate, alternating between the gentle Atlantic and rugged Continent are what make for unique Champagne wine-growing territory.

The vines are tended throughout the year, and, as winter draws to a close, the plants are pruned, and only the most promising shoots are left to grow. These branches are guided so that the sun can reach the grapes and help them grow to full ripeness. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, so that the best bunches can be selected and kept intact.

Three varietals are gathered:

• Chardonnay, for a touch of finesse and vivaciousness,

• Pinot Noir, for its full body and depth,

• Pinot Meunier, which is round and fruity.

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The grapes are pressed in traditional presses that contain 4,000 kg of grapes, from which 2,550 litres of juice are extractedInitial alcoholic fermentation turns the grape juice contained in the vats into wine, under the action of selected yeasts. A blend is a combination of several wines made from different varietals, different crus, or different vintages. Racking consists in bottling blended wines and then adding sugar and yeasts. The second alcoholic fermentation takes place in cellar kept at a constant temperature of 10°C. This slowly turns the wine into effervescent Champagne as it develops a foam.

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11 different wines with 29 vintages


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Wine Moments

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 John Lee, Pro (United States)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  14 wines 

Pierre Pérignon is said to have been a learned man, intelligent, broad-minded, warmhearted and punctual both in his religious and other duties. He was modest in character and way of life - an honorable man, small in size but with a big heart of gold. Such respect did he engender that when new bells were installed in the church of Hautvillers in 1706 his name was engraved on the largest. It was customary at the time to dedicate new church bells to the incumbent bishop and two other persons of note. As a winemaker monk Pérignon was a legend and as a man he seems to have been no less celebrated.

At the beginning of the 18th century the name of Dom Pérignon was so well-known that even many Frenchmen thought it a village or a monastery and searched for it on the map. Today his name remains just as famous and is a symbol for genuine and sophisticated champagne all over  the whole world.

6m 14d ago

 Andreas Larsson / Best Sommelier in the World 2004, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  4 wines 

1924 Margaux – I do associate most younger vintages of Ch. Margaux as fairly light and must admit that i´ve been underwhelmed on numerous occasions. However my great experiences with the really old vintages have been astonishing and this wine offered a beautiful texture, still rich and fruity with a plethora of wild berries and a smooth almost creamy sensation, still very clean without oxidation and a truly long, powerful finish.

7m 29d ago

 Luciano Cesare, Wine Dealer (Italy)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  23 wines 

Dom Ruinart 1982 / Good looking normal size bottle, in an excellent condition with 2 cm level ullage below the cork. Colour is straw, and looking bright, healthy and medium. On the nose it is intense, fresh, seductive and round. The taste is fresh, rich, fruity, medium-bodied, with balanced, complex, concentrated structure and youthful. The finish is medium long, round, gentle and vibrant. This wine is sophisticated and fine. Perfectly stored bottles are still very worthy and will last well for another 10-15 years and decant at least 15min before tasting. Good value for money.

8m 5d ago

 Essi Avellan MW / Editor of the Champagne magazine, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  19 wines 

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1999 / Medium-deep lemon yellow colour. Complex and smooth nose of tropical fruits, cosmetics, pastry and floral notes. Intense and firm palate. Still slightly closed requiring time. Long and structured.

10m 23d ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  7 wines 

“I have tasted Latour 1928 5 times in the 1990´s, also quite a few times during 2000's and it has always been a first-class claret (all the bottles has scored 95-98 points). On the last occasion in 2016 it was still very vigorous and a lovely wine, maybe even better than ever before.
Excellent looking bottle with top shoulder level. Decanted for tone hour. Very vigour and deep, bright color. Rich, ripe, even fresh and open nose with earthy and black fruit and truffle flavors. Well balanced as always, rich and full wine, which has been developing beautifully throughout the last 30 years, getting hold of even more intensity and complexity. It is now a multi dimensional, fat, thick, chocolaty wine with long, attractive, slightly tannic aftertaste. Generous and a mouthful of wine. 98 points”

1y 6m ago

 Björnstierne Antonson / sommelier, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  98 wines 

“This was my personal top100 champagnes of 2015. Enjoy! #thechampagnesommelier #thechampagnebarbyrichardjuhlin #top100 ”

1y 6m ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  24 wines 

“The Vine Club's 27th January tasting with fine and rare wines from all over the world from Lafite 1881 to Harlan 2011 - Best one was Guigal La Mouline 1971 - 99 points / Decanted 1h30 minutes. Nose is very expressive with leather, tobacco and a hint of vanilla flavours. Full and balanced on the palate, faultless fruit, with a fine grip of acids on the back end. Very rigorous, lush and vibrant with smoky black fruits. This wine has enough spirit and fruit to live for a long time. Rare and demanding experience. Perhaps the best 1971's there is!

1y 7m ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  19 wines 

“Tb Mumm Tasting with Mumm's best Champagnes from five decades!

Cuvee R. Lalou is named for Rene Lalou, a former president of G.H. Mumm, a house that prides itself on using grapes from the oldest and most distinguished vineyards in France's Champagne region. While G.H. Mumm made its first fine champagne in 1827, Cuvee R. Lalou is only released in the very best years; there have been just nine vintages since Lalou first produced it in 1966. The 1985 Cuvee R. Lalou is ranked as one of the top 20 vintages of all time, but to the chagrin of today's champagne connoisseurs no bottles remain available.

The Cuvee Rene Lalou is the offspring of the Cuvee Rene Lalou, originally launched in 1966 and last released in 1985. A mere nine vintages punctuate the Champagne’s 25-year history, yet it is still ranked among the greatest Champagne cuvees ever conceived. To the delight of chefs and Champagne connoisseurs worldwide, the celebrated Champagne has been released in an evolved blend, which represents the dream of master winemaker Rene Lalou to bottle the true essence of G.H. Mumm. ”

1y 8m ago

 Toshi Nakamoto, Sommelier (Japan)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  8 wines 

“Isole e Olena Vin Santo 1997 / Absolutely one of the loveliest vin santo I have tasted. Such an intense amber colour with enormous viscosity. Very rich, dense, sweet, honeyed wine with nutty aromas and loads of sweet spices. Lusciously sweet, moderately high acidity and intense fruit with oxidative and nutty style make this elegantly oxidative full-bodied wine very appealing. The immense length is utterly charming. High alcohol of 18% is well integrated and dense oily texture is so thick. Amazing wine!”

1y 8m ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  6 wines 

“Heidsieck & Co Gout American 1907 / In the early morning of November 3rd 1916, off the coast of Finland, the Jönköping, a small Swedish wooden schooner, was stopped by the German submarine U-22. She was carrying 3.000 bottles of Heidsieck & Co Gout American 1907, 10.000 gallons of Cognac, 17 barrels of Burgundy wine charted by the Imperial Court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, as well as steel products in her hold. Because of the steel products, the commander of the U-22 decided to sink her instantly, but saved the lives of the crew. The vessel went down in less than an hour, remaining untouched at the bottom of the Baltic Sea for more than 80 years.”

1y 10m ago

 Markus Del Monego MW / Best Sommelier in the World 1998, MW (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  25 wines 

“Rosé wine has become very popular over the last decade. Today it is no more the choice "neither meat nor fish" but it is an own category with convincing wines. France has had a great share in making rosé wines popular and therefore this tasting highlights a choice of convincing wines for the upcoming summer days. Either still or sparkling, rosé wine displays a huge array of various types, worthy to be discovered.

2y 2m ago

 Martyn Zemavicius, Wine Importer (United Kingdom)  tasted  1 wines  from  Heidsieck & Co Monopole . In a tasting of  22 wines 

““Bollinger 1964 - superb drinkability at the moment.””

2y 3m ago

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