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BWW-Best Wine of the World-Competition
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BWW-Best Wine of the World -competition 2017
Königsberg Eisenberg DAC Reserve 2015
Weingut Thom Wachter
BWW-Best Wine of the World -competition 2017
Chapoutier Ermitage de l'Orée 2010
M. Chapoutier
BWW-Best Wine of the World -competition 2017
Vermentino 2015
Barboursville Vineyards

Clive Coates / MW, Wine Writer (France)  had a tasting of  16 Wines  from  12 Producers 

2005 - A magnificent red wine vintage. This was a dry year, though never particularly hot, save for a heat-wave in May. A hail-storm on 17 July devastated the vines between the villages of Santenay and Chassagne-Montrachet. After a mixed August, and much-needed rain on 6 September, the skies cleared and it became increasingly sunny and warm. The Côte d'Or harvest began in the middle of the month and was all but complete by the week-end of 1st. October.

22h 42min ago

Christer Byklum / Leading Scandinavian wine blogger, Wine Writer (Norway)  had a tasting of  33 Wines  from  4 Producers 

A complete Unico vertical from 1921 to 2008 with over 30 vintages.

2d 16h ago

Omar Khan, Wine Writer (United States)  had a tasting of  20 Wines  from  16 Producers 

California 1974 tasting / Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 1974

 Possibly the most famous American wine worldwide, eucalyptus laced, hauntingly beautiful. Where Mayacamas is the classicist, Heitz is also classic in style, but iconoclastic, akin to virtually nothing else you will experience. Eucalyptus, cherries, coffee and game abound on the nose.

On the palate, there is a medley of fruit and spice, blackberries and hazelnuts next, with a slight honeyed element towards the smooth, silky finish. This wine is well nigh timeless, the inner mouth complexity past the mid palate on to the finish is just remarkable. I believe this has a further several notches to climb -- its uniqueness married with its brilliance continue to astound. 99 Points

3d 18h ago

Bob Levy / Harlan Estate, Wine Maker (United States)  had a tasting of  6 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Harlan Estate 2009 / The third year in a row with below-average rainfall, 2009 will go down as being a relatively even growing season, with very few heat surges during the summer months. September provided ideal ripening conditions with 12 days in the 90°s. Harvest began September 2. Nearly all lots were “in the barn” prior to a looming rainstorm (6 inches) that arrived on October 12. We gathered the final few blocks on October 18.

tasting notes

At this writing, the 2009 vintage is still in various stages of production, with some tanks still being pressed off, others having been barreled down and undergoing malolactic. Overall, a superlative vintage.

6d 23h ago

Markus Del Monego MW / Best Sommelier in the World 1998, MW (Germany)  had a wine moment

“1727 Rüdesheimer Apostelwein – Bremer Rathskeller

1727, Johann Sebastian Bach presents the oratorio „Matthäus Passion“, Georg Friedrich Händel composes the Coronation Anthems for King George III, the Italian artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo is born, the scientist Isaac Newton dies aged 84 and the Rheingau vintners harvest an exceptional vintage. The vintage 1727 features wines of great fame which were very much in demand. Therefore the city council of Bremen decided to cellar a barrel of this extraordinary vintage beneath the Town Hall of Bremen. The so called „12 Apostels cellar“ became the home of this rarity, already sought after in the 19th century: The London based auctioneer Christie’s presented a dozen of bottles of the 1727 in his wine catalogue from 1829. The bottles were sold for 5 pounds, a fortune in the early nineteenth century. The last half bottle sold at Christie’s was in 2008, when the wine was sold for more than 6000€.

During the ageing process in the cellars at Bremen, different bottlings have been made. The half bottle which was presented on October 6, 2017 has been bottled in the sixties, it was the last bottling. The wine originates from the so called Judas cask and is arguably the oldest, still drinkable wine worldwide. The grape variety of this wine is unknown. At the time being, the vineyards where planted in mixed plantations. It is thought that White Orleans could be the main grape variety, Riesling might have played a minor role in the blend.

Ten tasters gathered on October 6 in a cellar at Essen and were anxiously waiting to taste the wine. Tasting such a rare bottles is a special experience. Only two wines are known with an older age: the last bottle of 1540 Stein from Würzburg which is kept in the cellars of the Bürgerspital Würzburg and a cask of 1653 Rüdesheimer, which is still ageing in the Rose cellar of the town hall of Bremen. However, both of these rarities are not accessible for tastings and not on sale. Expectations were high and –to make long story short- were absolutely fulfilled. The 1727 was shipped from the Bremer Ratskeller two weeks before the tasting day and opened one hour before service. It showed an amber colour with a slight copper coloured hue. The nose was very expressive displaying an aroma reminiscent of oranges, candied orange peel and bitter almonds at the beginning. After a quarter of an hour the aroma of candied orange peel intensified and was complemented with hints of dried fruits, mainly apricots. Another ten minutes later the nose turned towards a quite spicy expression with aroma reminiscent of cinnamon and nutmeg blossoms. The fruit still developed positively remaining on dried apricots and hints of candied orange peel. After more than half an hour hints of walnuts showed up. Half an hour later the first hints of flowery and blossoms were turning up: white lilies, honey and white blossoms. It was interesting to see, how the different aromatic components showed up, intensified than faded and some of them were coming back on a regular rhythm, especially the aroma reminiscent of English fruit cake, balmy spices and roasting notes.

After three hours in the glass the aroma reminiscent of walnuts, caramel, raisins and butterscotch intensified. Interestingly the nose kept hints of dried fruits for over six hours in the glass. The palate was exceptional from the beginning, displaying a creamy texture, fine acidity and a hint of sweetness. A wine with 290 years of age with surprising freshness. Even after six hours in the glass, the wine showed a mild character with hints of candied lemon peel. When the glasses were finally emptied more than six hours after service, they kept displaying an intense aroma of sherry, walnuts, dried pineapple and candied orange peel. A unique experience.
It was my second bottle of this wine. The first time I had the pleasure to taste it over five years ago. Comparing the tasting notes from that time, there were a lot of parallels, however this bottle was even more perfect.
Rating: 100/100

7d 5h ago

1 Wines 1 Producers

Ken Gargett, Wine Writer (Australia)  had a tasting of  23 Wines  from  12 Producers 

Hill of Grace 2012 / So how did one of our most iconic wines fare in a great year? If anything, it exceeded the enormously lofty heights expected of it. Technically, 85% French oak, the remainder American. 58% of all oak was new. 18 months in the oak before the separate parcels from the vineyard were blended. Great intensity, complexity, immaculate balance, extraordinary length. Black cherries, aniseed, bacon fat, animal hides, soy sauce and an eerily smoky note that weaves amongst the flavours. So silky, you feel that you’d slip if you tried to get a hold of it. This is undoubtedly a great HoG, but only time, and lots of it, will tell if it is the greatest of all. It is a contender. 

Score: 99/100

Best drinking: how long have you got? 30 years? 40, 50? 

Alc: 14.5%

7d 15h ago

Hiroshi Ishida / Wine Blogger, Pro (Japan)  had a tasting of  19 Wines  from  3 Producers 

Today, Bolgheri is among Italy’s famed wine producing regions, but this seemed far from a possibility in 1983, the year Le Macchiole was founded and a time when the area was known simply for a close proximity to the sea and having abundant fruit and grain agriculture. Yet, two native Bolgheresi, Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli, were devoted to the idea of vine growing in their home even when it was not considered a viable way to start a living. “My husband Eugenio and I started off with very limited, if almost no, resources,” Cinzia recalls. “We gave up working his parents’ retail and restaurant business and bought a few hectares of land planted to wheat.

We decided to plant vineyards starting with many varieties - sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, syrah, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and vermentino - so that we might see what grew best on our little property. That is how our life project began and, for me, our learning is still in progress. I believe that Bolgheri is in the early stage of development. It has just become aware of its potential and understanding of which grape varieties give their best to each part of the different soils; much is still yet to be accomplished here.”

9d 7h ago

Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  had a tasting of  32 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Deutz Vintage Champagne 1904-2008 / Deutz 1959 Wagner, Mahler, Brahms, Rubens, Churchill, St. Peter's in Rome, Karelia – they would all pale in the face of the monumental dark power of this wine! What Aÿ muscles and what a truffle-garnished cannonade of autumn flavours.

97 points

9d 17h ago

Jeannie Cho Lee MW, Pro (China)  had a tasting of  9 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Harlan Estate 2013 /Dark brooding blackberry, forest fruit and tobacco flavors - there is more density here than in the 2012. This is a powerful, dense, intense Harlan that will take time to unfold but will eventually offer much more than the 2012 and probably keep longer in the cellar. Firm, chewy tannins. This vintage had a lot of wind leaving small berries with thick skins. 98 points

11d 5h ago

Erin Larkin, Wine Writer (Australia)  had a tasting of  10 Wines  from  8 Producers 

Pierre Peters ‘Les Chetillons’ Blanc de Blancs 2008, 99 points /Nervously close to perfect.  I can’t think of a thing I would add or take away to this complete wine.  It is walking on a tightrope of acidity, tension, expansive minerality and restrained fruit.  There is finesse and power here at once. Devastatingly, my one and only bottle.  But worth it.  INCREDIBLE.

11d 15h ago

Michael Jones, Wine Blogger (United States)  had a tasting of  15 Wines  from  14 Producers 

Dominus 2009 / great aromatics, an earth and tobacco component, excellent cassis and red fruit with silky mouth feel, long, balanced, not as extracted as some but very well knit- 94 points"    This was a bit of a surprise;  I love Dominus but usually feel that it needs 10+ years of bottle age to show its stuff.  36th wine of the tasting.

12d 20h ago



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