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Luciano Cesare, Wine Dealer (Italy)  had a tasting of  23 Wines  from  19 Producers 

Dom Ruinart 1982 / Good looking normal size bottle, in an excellent condition with 2 cm level ullage below the cork. Colour is straw, and looking bright, healthy and medium. On the nose it is intense, fresh, seductive and round. The taste is fresh, rich, fruity, medium-bodied, with balanced, complex, concentrated structure and youthful. The finish is medium long, round, gentle and vibrant. This wine is sophisticated and fine. Perfectly stored bottles are still very worthy and will last well for another 10-15 years and decant at least 15min before tasting. Good value for money.

12h 56min ago

Clive Coates / MW, Wine Writer (France)  had a tasting of  15 Wines  from  1 Producers 

There are only six grand cru monopolies in Burgundy. Four in Vosne: La Romanée, La Romanée-Conti, La Grande Rue and La Tâche; and two in Morey-Saint-Denis: Clos de Tart and the adjoining Clos des Lambrays. Clos de Tart, directly above the village, and comprising 7ha 53a 28ca, has belonged since 1932 to the Mommessin family, only the third proprietor of this vineyard since the middle ages. It is largely such continuity, plus the inevitable bits of luck along the way, which has prevented the morcellation that is so widespread elsewhere. But today the danger is past. Like a first growth Bordeaux château, it would be inconceivable that the Clos de Tart could be split up in the future. The six Côte D'Or monopolies, I feel, are secure.

1d 1h ago

Omar Khan, Wine Writer (United States)  had a tasting of  5 Wines  from  5 Producers 

Hermitage La Chapelle 1961 / Like returning to Lourdes hoping for another miracle and then being transfixed as it takes place! A scented, sainted marvel of wine making, a riot of blackberry, Syrah "syrup", the telltale soy and hoisin, flirtatiously expressive, sheer elegance and a medley of spices. On the palate opening, it is gorgeously complex, with astonishing breadth and intensity, violets, graphite, espresso, a hint of olives, and earthiness. And then, with the food in particular, you have a fragrant mellifluous softness, before the band strikes up again past the mid palate. It has enthralling balance. Amidst the plums and black currant liqueur-like notes almost, it recalls nothing else but a convocation of hedonistic bliss blended with seamless grace. This is so vigorous and ebullient on the palate massaging, slightly game-tinged finale that it leaves you simply beaming at life. There is no parallel here, other than possibly to take the spice-flecked seduction of the '78 and the polished intensity of the '90 and try to recreate "magic." This was, once more, prodigious. Compared to the Fall bottle, a wee bit less effulgent in aromatics, every bit as exquisite otherwise. 100 Points+ (the "+" for alternate life form factor)

1d 22h ago

Stephen Henschke / Henschke Vineyards, Wine Maker (Australia)  had a tasting of  7 Wines  from  1 Producers 

The 2010 growing season was preceded by above average winter rainfall. Spring was mild with little frost damage and gave us an even budburst. The weather remained cold and wet through spring, which held back growth until a two-week high 30s heat wave in November affected flowering and fruit set. Spring rains continued into early summer right through until mid-December, making it the wettest year since 2005. The vines responded to the heat and grew vigorously until early January, developing lush canopies, but bunch development suffered as a result. A roller-coaster ride of heat spikes and cool changes continued through a warm summer with occasional thunderstorms. The vines went through veraison a week earlier than 2009. Lower yields coupled with the mild ripening period resulted in concentrated fruit. Vintage began a week earlier than 2009 and was in full swing by mid-February. The white vintage was all but finished a month later while the red harvest continued with deeply coloured, well-balanced grapes being picked during mild, dry conditions until the end of April.

2d 5h ago

Jan-Erik Paulson, Wine Writer (Germany)  had a wine moment

“1907 Heidsieck Gout American
Amazing champagne which has everything a great wine should have. My mother was born in the town of Jönköping, which was also the name of the shipwreck carrying this bottle. A strangely moving experience. 98 pts.

3d 5h ago

1 Wines 1 Producers 5 People

Dirk Niepoort / Niepoort, Wine Maker (Portugal)  had a wine moment

“Niepoort 30 years Old Tawny / This is a love / hate story
This is the most complicated blend at niepoort. This port has an amazing balance combining many extremes; It is dryer than usual making the wine more austere and less approachable. It is very seductive but not jumping out of the glas. It is a port that wants you to get deep into your glass and explore it.
On the palate it is very sexy and almost light in the beginning but grows on you as you drink it.For many people this is the best tawny of all, For others it is too complicated and demanding
Here the experience of our blending team is at its best. Parallel to me being the 5 th generation the Nogueira family is also working with us in the 5 th generation.
Niepoort is all about long long impirical experience and tradition”

3d 6h ago

1 Wines 1 Producers

Andreas Larsson / Best Sommelier in the World 2004, Pro (Sweden)  had a wine moment

“1911 Niepoort – it feels like it would be unfair to compare this with the non fortified wines as no one would stand a chance to compete with the incredible power, inimitable intensity, mind blowing length or alluring complexity of the 1911 Colheita! Once again I think it would be a waste trying to describe the individual aromas or flavours, let´s just say that this encapsulates and amplifies everything we´ve learned to love about fine old Port. A taste of another era that makes you wonder if you want to go back? ”

3d 6h ago

1 Wines 1 Producers

Essi Avellan MW / Editor of the Champagne magazine, Pro (Finland)  had a tasting of  10 Wines  from  7 Producers 


1. Bollinger 1914 vintage champagne

2. Cristal Rosé 2002 Mg


4d 23h ago

Matthieu Taunay / Monteverro Winery, Wine Maker (Italy)  had a tasting of  6 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Monteverro 2008 / The very first vintage! Intense dark black with ruby on the rim, the wine reveals a nose intense and complex of dark fruit like blackberries and black currant with touches of rosemary, dark cherry liquor, black liquorice and cigar box. On the palate, the wine shows a structured and complex mouth feel with integrated tannins, velvety blueberries and black berry jam, lingering on freshly picked black currant and fresh plum. Great potentiel and fantastic debut!

5d 4h ago

Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  had a tasting of  19 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Cristal Rosé 1979  99 points / What delightful, life-prolonging caresses the best champagnes can give! I still smile secretly a week after the last drop has been swallowed. You can probably imagine how fantastically delicious it tasted, if you have at any time drunk Cristal Rosé or if you have recently sipped at a well-stored champagne from 1979.

Imagine the creaminess and luxurious opulence of that specific champagne along with its acids and the hazelnut essence of the vintage. Then you will end up fairly close to reality in a brave attempt to describe this indescribable wine.

5d 9h ago

Achim Becker / Wineterminator.com, Wine Writer (Germany)  had a tasting of  24 Wines  from  20 Producers 

Amazing Magnum-tasting with quite a few 100 points wines like Latour 1982, Mouton 1982, Haut Brion 1989, Martha's Vineyard's 1975...

6d 1h ago

Christer Byklum / Leading Scandinavian wine blogger, Wine Writer (Norway)  had a tasting of  17 Wines  from  1 Producers 

1995 Comte de Vogüé Musigny Vieilles Vignes
JAN 10 Pale ruby, garnet rim. Very elegant and very youthful. Violets, strawberries, hints of vanilla, floral notes, wet roses, some minerals, pure and elegant. Very complex, medium body, very ripe tannins, fresh acidity, perfect balance, fantastic and very long finish. Keep. 95

6d 7h ago

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