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Philip Tuck / Master of Wine, MW (United Kingdom)  had a tasting of  6 Wines  from  6 Producers 

Louis Roederer Cristal 1996 (Magnum) Absolutely stunning nose of great complexity, enticement and elegance which evolved beautifully in the glass.  Still lean and elegant as you would expect from the vintage. Immensely satisfying with plenty of time to go although it is difficult to imagine how it can continue to improve.  For once a Cristal that exceeds expectations!. Impressive.  The bottles tasted were also excellent.  19.5

29min 58s ago

Markus Del Monego MW / Best Sommelier in the World 1998, MW (Germany)  had a tasting of  272 Wines  from  235 Producers 

BORDEAUX VINTAGE 2016 / Tasting "en primeur" is a challenge every year. The wines tasted are showing a tendency only and it is still the beginning of a longer process of evolution and maturation in the barrels. There might be some changes during the next year and a half until the wines will be bottled, but already today the tendency is quite clear. For most of the red wines it will be an outstanding vintage, a vintage for Cabernet, old vines, limestone and clay soil. It was a challenging year for the vintners. An incredibly wet spring was worrying the winegrowers and at the beginning of June, the spirits were down. However warm and dry weather between June 3 and June 11 creating an close to ideal situation for the flowering and good weather conditions starting in mid June changed the nature of the vintage. The fine weather continued into July and August. The month of August was featuring hot weather and a remarkable amount of sunshine but the absence of rain let to water stress. Heavy rain in mid September set an end to water stress and when the sun returned on September 20 the vintage was saved as there was excellent weather till to the end of the harvest. The effects were various. the white wines are on a good quality level and display fruit and flavour but the acidity is lower than in previous vintages and the white wines show an opulent and rather soft style. The noble sweet wines are extremely pure and are more on the rich and powerful side than on the freshness. For the red wines originating from the right terroirs and old vines, the vintage an be called outstanding. Water stress was managed well on limestone and clay terroirs, Cabernet varieties did extremely well and old vines found water even during the stressful dry periods of summer. In some few red wines the tannins are slightly harsh, almost bitter, a result of water stress and/or intense extraction. In general the red wines are on an excellent level with an advantage for the left bank, mainly the Médoc area, and the classic great terroirs of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. 

1d 3h ago

Cheval Blanc 2016, Château Cheval Blanc
Petit Cheval 2016, Château Cheval Blanc
Le Pin 2016, Le Pin
Les Forts de Latour 2016, Château Latour
Château Latour 2016, Château Latour
d'Yquem 2016, Château d'Yquem
Pétrus 2016, Château Pétrus
Carruades de Lafite 2016, Château Lafite-Rothschild
Lafite-Rothschild 2016, Château Lafite-Rothschild
Château Margaux 2016, Château Margaux
Château Margaux Pavillon Rouge 2016, Château Margaux
Château Haut-Brion Blanc 2016, Château Haut-Brion
La Clarté de Haut-Brion 2016, Château Haut-Brion
Le Clarence de Haut-Brion 2016, Château Haut-Brion
Chapelle Ausone 2016, Château Ausone
Château Ausone 2016, Château Ausone
Le Petit Mouton 2016, Château Mouton-Rothschild
Château Mouton-Rothschild 2016, Château Mouton-Rothschild
Aile d'Argent 2016, Château Mouton-Rothschild
Alter Ego 2016, Château Palmer
Château Palmer 2016, Château Palmer
Vieux Chateau Certan 2016, Vieux Château Certan
Château Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 2016, Château Smith Haut Lafitte
Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2016, Château Smith Haut Lafitte
La Chapelle de La Mission Haut Brion 2016, Château La Mission Haut-Brion
La Mission Haut Brion Blanc 2016, Château La Mission Haut-Brion
La Mission Haut Brion 2016, Château La Mission Haut-Brion
Pavie 2016, Château Pavie
Arômes de Pavie 2016, Château Pavie
L'Eglise-Clinet 2016, Château L'Eglise-Clinet
Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2016, Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande
Cos d’Estournel Blanc 2016, Château Cos d'Estournel
Les Pagodes de Cos 2016, Château Cos d'Estournel
Château Cos d'Estournel 2016, Château Cos d'Estournel
Latour-à-Pomerol 2016, Château Latour-à-Pomerol
Le Petit Lion 2016, Château Léoville-Las Cases
Léoville-Las Cases 2016, Château Léoville-Las Cases
Château Suduiraut 2016, Château Suduiraut
Château L´Evangile 2016, Château L´Evangile
Blason de L’Évangile 2016, Château L´Evangile
Sigalas-Rabaud 2016, Château Sigalas-Rabaud
Montrose 2016, Château Montrose
Château Beychevelle 2016, Château Beychevelle
Virginie de Valandraud Blanc 2016, Château Valandraud
L'interdit de Valandraud 2016, Château Valandraud
Château de Valandraud 2016, Château Valandraud
Château Lacoste Borie 2016, Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste
Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste 2016, Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste
Château Gruaud-Larose 2016, Château Gruaud-Larose
Château Angelus 2016, Château Angelus
Le Carillon d'Angélus 2016, Château Angelus
Château Pape Clément 2016, Château Pape Clément
Château Pape Clément Blanc 2016, Château Pape Clément
Chateau Leoville-Barton 2016, Château Leoville-Barton
La Dominique 2016, La Dominique
Le Gay 2016, Le Gay
Chateau Lynch-Bages 2016, Château Lynch-Bages
Château de Rayne Vigneau 2016, Château de Rayne Vigneau
Château Canon 2015, Château Canon
Château Canon-La-Gaffelière 2016, Château Canon-La-Gaffelière
Château La Fleur-Pétrus 2016, Château Lafleur-Pétrus
Château Carbonnieux Blanc 2016, Château Carbonnieux
Château Carbonnieux 2016, Château Carbonnieux
Château Coutet 2016, Château Coutet
Château Brane-Cantenac 2016, Château Brane-Cantenac
Château Pichon-Longueville Baron 2016, Château Pichon-Longueville Baron
Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2016, Château Pichon-Longueville Baron
Trotanoy 2016, Château Trotanoy
Château Talbot 2016, Château Talbot
Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou 2016, Château Ducru-Beaucaillou
La Croix de Beaucaillou 2016, Château Ducru-Beaucaillou
Château Lafon-Rochet 2016, Château Lafon-Rochet
Château De Pez 2016, Château De Pez
Château Phelan-Segur 2016, Château Phelan-Segur
Château Les Ormes de Pez 2016, Château Les Ormes de Pez
Château Haut-Marbuzet 2016, Château Haut-Marbuzet
Château Pontet Canet 2016, Château Pontet Canet
Château Duhart-Milon Rothschild 2016, Château Duhart-Milon Rothschild
Lions de Batailley 2016, Château Batailley
Château Batailley 2016, Château Batailley
Château Grand-Puy-Ducasse 2016, Château Grand-Puy-Ducasse
Château Lynch-Moussas 2016, Château Lynch-Moussas
Château D´Armailhac 2016, Château D´Armailhac
Château Haut-Bages-Liberal 2016, Château Haut-Bages Libéral
Château Clerc Milon 2016, Château Clerc Milon
Château Croizet-Bages 2016, Château Croizet-Bages
Château Lagrange 2016, Château Lagrange
Château Langoa Barton 2016, Château Langoa Barton
Château Branaire 2016, Château Branaire-Ducru
Château Maucaillou 2016, Château Maucaillou
Château Rauzan-Ségla 2016, Château Rauzan-Ségla
Château Rauzan-Gassies 2016, Château Rauzan-Gassies
Château Durfort-Vivens 2016, Château Durfort-Vivens
Château Lascombes 2016, Château Lascombes
Château Malescot-Saint-Exupery 2016, Château Malescot-Saint-Exupery
Château Marquis De Terme 2016, Château Marquis De Terme
Château Kirwan 2016, Château Kirwan
Blason d'Issan 2016, Château D´Issan
Château D´Issan 2016, Château D´Issan
Château Cantenac-Brown 2016, Château Cantenac-Brown
Château Desmirail 2016, Château Desmirail
Château Prieure-Lichine 2016, Château Prieure-Lichine
Château D´Angludet 2016, Château D´Angludet
Château Giscours 2016, Château Giscours
Château Dauzac 2016, Château Dauzac
Château Tertre 2016, Château du Tertre
Château Les Carmes-Haut-Brion 2016, Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion
Domaine de Chevalier 2016, Domaine de Chevalier
Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2016, Domaine de Chevalier
La Parde de Haut Bailly 2016, Château Haut-Bailly
Château de Fieuzal 2016, Château de Fieuzal
Chateau de Fieuzal Blanc 2016, Château de Fieuzal
Château Malartic-Lagraviere Blanc 2016, Château Malartic-Lagraviere
Château Malartic-Lagraviere 2016, Château Malartic-Lagraviere
Château Oliver 2016, Château Oliver
Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc 2016, Château Larrivet Haut-Brion
Château Brown 2016, Château Brown
Blanc 2016, Château Brown
Château Guiraud 2016, Château Guiraud
Château Raymond-Lafon 2016, Château Raymond-Lafon
Château de Fargues 2016, Château de Fargues
Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey 2016, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey
Château de Malle 2016, Château de Malle
Château Bastor-Lamontagne 2016, Château Bastor-Lamontagne
Château de Myrat 2016, Château de Myrat
Château Trottevieille 2016, Château Trottevieille
Dame de Trottevieille 2016, Château Trottevieille
Château Pavie-Decesse 2016, Château Pavie-Decesse
Château Troplong-Mondot 2016, Château Troplong-Mondot
Château La Serre 2016, Château La Serre
Château Clos des Jacobins 2016, Château Clos des Jacobins
Château Grand-Mayne 2016, Château Grand-Mayne
Château de Figeac 2016, Château de Figeac
Château Laroze 2016, Château Laroze
Château La Conseillante 2016, Château La Conseillante
Château Petit-Village 2016, Château Petit-Village
Château Gazin 2016, Château Gazin
Château Beauregard 2016, Château Beauregard
Château Clinet 2016, Château Clinet
Château La Croix-de-Gay 2016, Château La Croix-de-Gay
Château La Cabanne 2016, Château La Cabanne
Château Lafleur-Gazin 2016, Château Lafleur-Gazin
Angélique de Monbousquet 2016, Château Monbousquet
Chateau Monbousquet 2016, Château Monbousquet
La Mondotte 2016, La Mondotte
Chateau La Lagune 2016, Château La Lagune
Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse 2016, Château Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse
Chateau Certan de May 2016, Château Certan de May
Château Pedesclaux 2016, Château Pedesclaux
Château Pibran 2016, Château Pibran
Château Bouscat 2016, Château Bouscat
La Petite Eglise 2016, Château Clos L' Eglise
Château Léoville Poyferré 2016, Château Léoville Poyferré
Château La Louvière Blanc 2016, Château La Louvière
Château La Garde 2016, Château La Garde
Blanc 2016, Château La Garde
Château Nenin 2016, Château Nenin
Clos Fourtet 2016, Clos Fourtet
Bon Pasteur 2016, Le Bon Pasteur
Château Haut-Peyraguey 2016, Château Haut-Peyraguey
Couhins Lurton blanc 2016, Château Couhins Lurton
Chateau Bellevue-Mondotte 2016, Château Bellevue-Mondotte
Château La Fleur de Gay 2016, Château La Fleur de Gay
Château La Graves à Pomerol 2016, Châteaux La Grave
Château Vray Croix de Gay 2016, Château Vray Croix de Gay
Quinault l'Enclos 2016, Quinault l'Enclos
Quintus 2016, Château Quintus
Château Le Prieure 2016, Château Le Prieuré
Château La Couspade 2016, Château La Couspade
Château Cos Labory 2016, Château Cos Labory
Château Doisy-Vedrines 2016, Château Doisy-Vedrines
Château Hosanna 2016, Château Hosanna
Château Violette 2016, Château La Violette
Château Plince 2016, Château Plince
Château Broustet 2016, Château Broustet
Château Lagrange 2016, Château Lagrange Pomerol
Château Bouscaut Blanc 2016, Château Bouscaut
Château Doisy-Daene 2016, Château Doisy-Daëne
Blanc de Valandraud No. 1 2016, Ets Thunevin
Virginie de Valandraud 2016, Ets Thunevin
Château Bellefont-Belcier 2016, Bellefont-Belcier
Château Pey la Tour 2016, Dourthe
Château Beau-Site 2016, Héritiers Castéja Propriétaires
Château Grand Pontet 2016, Château Grand Pontet
Château La Tour Blance 2016, Château La Tour Blance
Château Brillette 2016, Château Brillette
Château Serilhan 2016, Château Serilhan
Château Montviel 2016, Château Montviel
Château la Gravière 2016, Château la Gravière
Château Faugères 2016, Château Faugères
Château de Pressac 2016, Château de Pressac
Château Cap de Faugères 2016, Château Cap de Faugères
Château Poujeaux 2016, Château Poujeaux
Château Belgrave 2016, Château Belgrave
Château Cantemerle 2016, Château Cantemerle
Château Bonalgue 2016, Château Bonalgue
Château Berliquet 2016, Château Berliquet
Bélair Monange 2016, Château Bélair Monange
Balestard La Tonnelle 2016, Château Balestard La Tonnelle
Château Yon-Figeac 2016, Château Yon-Figeac
Château Tronquoy Lalande 2016, Château Tronquoy Lalande
Château Villemaurie 2016, Château Villemaurie
Château Larcis Ducasse 2016, Château Larcis Ducasse
Château Sociando Mallet 2016, Château Sociando Mallet
La Tour Carnet 2016, Château La Tour Carnet
Chäteau La Clotte 2016, Château La Clotte
Château La Patache 2016, Château La Patache
Fleur Cardinale 2016, Château Fleur Cardinale
Les Grandes Murailles 2016, Chateau Les Grandes Murailles
La Gaffelière 2016, Château La Gaffelière
Château Ferrand 2016, Château de Ferrand
Château Fayat 2016, Château Fayat
Domaine de L´Eglise 2016, Domaine de L´Eglise
Château Dassault 2016, Château Dassault
Clos Saint Martin 2016, Château Clos Saint Martin
Clos Lunelles 2016, Château Clos Lunelles
Clos de l'Oratoire 2016, Château Clos de l'Oratoire
Clos Badon 2016, Château Clos Badon
Château Cissac 2016, Château Cissac
Château Cap de Mourlin 2016, Château Cap de Mourlin
Château Branas-Grand-Poujeaux 2016, Château Branas-Grand-Poujeaux
Château Bourgneuf 2016, Château Bourgneuf
Château Pavie-Macquin 2016, Château Pavie-Macquin
Château Saintayme 2016, Château Saintayme
Château Le Crock 2016, Château Le Crock
Château Larmande 2016, Château Larmande
Château Haut-Simard 2016, Château Haut-Simard
Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac 2016, Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac
Château Fonplégade 2016, Château Fonplégade
Château de la Dauphine 2016, Château de la Dauphine
Château Dalem 2016, Château Dalem
Château Clarke 2016, Château Clarke
Château Boutisse 2016, Château Boutisse
Château Beaumont 2016, Château Beaumont
Clos Romanile 2016, Château Clos Romanile
Clos René 2016, Château Clos René
Clos du Clocher 2016, Château Clos du Clocher
Château Reysson 2016, Château Reysson
Le Plus de la Fleur de Boüard 2016, Château La Fleur de Boüard
Château La Chenade 2016, Château La Chenade
Château les Cruzelles 2016, Château les Cruzelles
Château Le Boscq 2016, Château Le Boscq
Château Cap Léon Veyrin 2016, Château Cap Léon Veyrin
Château Laroque 2016, Château Laroque
Château Grand Corbin-Despagne 2016, Château Grand Corbin-Despagne
Clos Dubreuil 2016, Clos Dubreuil
Château Cantegril 2016, Château Cantegril
Château Capbern 2016, Château Capbern
Château Beau Soleil 2016, Château Beau Soleil
Château Cambon La Pelouse 2016, Château Cambon La Pelouse
Château Alcée 2016, Château Alcée
Château Balthus 2016, Château Balthus
Château Bernadotte 2016, Château Bernadotte
Château Côte de Baleau 2016, Château Côte de Baleau
Château Fonréaud 2016, Château Fonréaud
Château Faurie-Souchard 2016, Château Faurie-Souchard
Château Biac 2016, Château Biac
Château de Camensac 2016, Château de Camensac
Château Daugay 2016, Château Daugay
Château Barthez 2016, Château Barthez
Château Ampélia 2016, Château Ampélia
Blanc 2016, Château Latour-Martillac
Château Latour-Martillac 2016, Château Latour-Martillac
Château Saint Pierre 2016, Château Saint Pierre
Château Tour Maillet 2016, Château Tour Maillet
Château Péby Faugères 2016, Château Péby Faugères
Château Chauvin 2016, Château Chauvin
Le Clos du Beau Père 2016, Le Clos du Beau Père
Domaine Les Sabines 2016, Domaine Les Sabines
Château Bel-Air-Ouy 2016, Château Bel-Air-Ouy
Château Simard 2016, Château Simard
Château Cantin 2016, Château Cantin
Château Côte de Baleau, Bordeaux, France
Château Simard, Bordeaux, France
Château Cantin, Bordeaux, France
Château Fayat, Bordeaux, France
Château Saintayme, Bordeaux, France
La Mondotte, Bordeaux, France
Chateau Les Grandes Murailles, Bordeaux, France
Château Branas-Grand-Poujeaux, Bordeaux, France
Château Clarke, Bordeaux, France
Château Beausejour Duffau-Lagarosse, Bordeaux, France
Château Alcée, Bordeaux, France
Château Cambon La Pelouse, Bordeaux, France
Château Serilhan, Saint-Estephe, France
Château la Gravière, Lalande de Pomerol, France
Château L'Eglise-Clinet , Bordeaux, France
Vieux Château Certan, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos Romanile, Bordeaux, France
Château Trotanoy, Pomerol, France
Château Poujeaux, Bordeaux, France
Château Branaire-Ducru, Saint-Julien, France
Château Pavie-Macquin, Bordeaux, France
Château Chauvin, Bordeaux, France
Château Cantegril, Bordeaux, France
Dourthe, Bordeaux, France
Château Certan de May, Bordeaux, France
Château Cos d'Estournel, Bordeaux, France
Le Bon Pasteur, Pomerol, France
Château Margaux, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Peyraguey, Sauternes, France
Château Montrose, Bordeaux, France
Château Doisy-Vedrines, Sauternes, France
Château Canon, St. Emilion, France
Château Doisy-Daëne, Bordeaux, France
Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Bordeaux, France
Château Capbern, Bourgogne, France
Château Troplong-Mondot, Bordeaux, France
Château Plince, Bordeaux, France
Château Maucaillou, Moulis-En-Medoc, France
Château La Couspade, St Emilion, France
Château Couhins Lurton, Pessac-Leognan, France
Château Rauzan-Ségla, Bordeaux, France
Château Malescot-Saint-Exupery, Bordeaux, France
Château Bouscaut, Bordeaux, France
Château de Figeac, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Reysson, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Bailly, Pessac Leognan, France
Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac, Bordeaux, France
Château Larmande, Bordeaux, France
Château Canon-La-Gaffelière, St.Emilion, France
Château Le Crock, Bordeaux, France
Héritiers Castéja Propriétaires, Bordeaux, France
Châteaux La Grave, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Simard, Bordeaux, France
Château Gazin, Bordeaux, France
Château Rauzan-Gassies, Bordeaux, France
Château Bourgneuf, Bordeaux, France
Château Cap de Mourlin, Bordeaux, France
Château Villemaurie, Bordeaux, France
Château Lafleur-Pétrus, Bordeaux, France
Le Gay, Bordeaux, France
Château Boutisse, Bordeaux, France
Château Fleur Cardinale, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos de l'Oratoire, Bordeaux, France
La Dominique, Bordeaux, France
Château Faurie-Souchard, Bordeaux, France
Château Fonréaud, Bordeaux, France
Château La Fleur de Boüard, Bordeaux, France
Château Larcis Ducasse, Bordeaux, France
Château de Malle, Sauternes, France
Château Bouscat, Pauillac, France
Château Coutet, Sauternes, France
Château Haut-Marbuzet, Bordeaux, France
Château de Fieuzal, Pessac Leognan, France
Château Mouton-Rothschild, Bordeaux, France
Château Lagrange, Bordeaux, France
Château La Mission Haut-Brion, Bordeaux, France
Château Talbot, Bordeaux, France
Château Quintus, St Emilion, France
Château Broustet, Bordeaux, France
Quinault l'Enclos, St Emilion, France
Château Bonalgue, Bordeaux, France
Château Grand-Puy-Ducasse, Bordeaux, France
Château Langoa Barton, Saint-Julien, France
Château Brane-Cantenac, Bordeaux, France
Château Grand Pontet, St. Emilion, France
Château Phelan-Segur, Bordeaux, France
Château Fonplégade, Bordeaux, France
Château Pichon-Longueville Baron, Bordeaux, France
Château De Pez, Saint-Estèphe, France
Château Belgrave, Bordeaux, France
Château Bastor-Lamontagne, Sauternes, France
Château Brillette, Moulis, France
Château La Garde, Pessac-Léognan, France
Domaine de L´Eglise, Bordeaux, France
Château d'Yquem, Bordeaux, France
Château Bernadotte, Bordeaux, France
Château Latour-à-Pomerol, Bordeaux, France
Château Pape Clément, Bordeaux, France
Château Laroque, Bordeaux, France
Château Grand Corbin-Despagne, Bordeaux, France
Château La Tour Carnet, Bordeaux, France
Château de Myrat, Barsac, France
Château de Camensac, Bordeaux, France
Château Daugay, Bordeaux, France
Le Clos du Beau Père, Bordeaux, France
Domaine Les Sabines, Bordeaux, France
Château Bel-Air-Ouy, Bordeaux, France
Château Lafite-Rothschild, Bordeaux, France
Château Berliquet, Bordeaux, France
Clos Dubreuil, Bordeaux, France
Château Angelus, Bordeaux, France
Château Bélair Monange, Bordeaux, France
Château Ampélia, Bordeaux, France
Château Dassault, Bordeaux, France
Château Barthez, Bordeaux, France
Château Petit-Village, Bordeaux, France
Château Monbousquet, Bordeaux, France
Château Tronquoy Lalande, Bordeaux, France
Château Duhart-Milon Rothschild, Pauillac, France
Château Larrivet Haut-Brion, Pessac Leognan, France
Château Durfort-Vivens, Bordeaux, France
Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Bordeaux, France
Château Saint Pierre, Bordeaux, France
Château du Tertre, Bordeaux, France
Château Les Ormes de Pez, Saint-Estèphe, France
Château Cap de Faugères, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, France
Château Dalem, Bordeaux, France
Château Latour-Martillac, Bordeaux, France
Château Carbonnieux, Graves, France
Château Valandraud, St.Emilion, France
Château Montviel, Pomerol, France
Bellefont-Belcier, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos Lunelles, Bordeaux, France
Château Péby Faugères, Bordeaux, France
Château Tour Maillet, Bordeaux, France
Château Vray Croix de Gay, Pomerol, France
Château Pétrus, Pomerol, France
Château Haut-Brion, Bordeaux, France
Château La Violette, Bordeaux, France
Château La Tour Blance, Sauternes, France
Château Latour, Bordeaux, France
Château Pibran, Pauillac, France
Ets Thunevin, Bordeaux, France
Clos Fourtet, Bordeaux, France
Château Grand-Mayne, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Biac, Bordeaux, France
Château Malartic-Lagraviere, Bordeaux, France
Château Pavie-Decesse, Bordeaux, France
Château La Louvière , Bordeaux, France
Château L´Evangile, Pomerol, France
Château Palmer, Bordeaux, France
Château Yon-Figeac, Bordeaux, France
Château Raymond-Lafon, Bordeaux, France
Château Laroze, Bordeaux, France
Château de Fargues, Sauternes, France
Le Pin, Bordeaux, France
Château Gruaud-Larose, Bordeaux, France
Château Ausone, Bordeaux, France
Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Bordeaux, France
Château Pavie, Bordeaux, France
Château Sigalas-Rabaud, Bordeaux, France
Château Brown, Bordeaux, France
Château Cap Léon Veyrin, Bordeaux, France
Château Kirwan, Margaux, France
Château Suduiraut, Bordeaux, France
Château Balthus, Bordeaux, France
Château Cissac, Brdeaux, France
Château Trottevieille, Bordeaux, France
Château de Pressac, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Clos du Clocher, Bordeaux, France
Château La Croix-de-Gay, Bordeux, France
Château La Gaffelière, Bordeaux, France
Château D´Angludet, Bordeaux, France
Château Balestard La Tonnelle, Bordeaux, France
Château La Patache, Bordeaux, France
Château Bellevue-Mondotte, Bordeaux, France
Château les Cruzelles, Bordeaux, France
Château Desmirail, Bordeaux, France
Château Lynch-Bages, Pauillac, France
Château Clos Badon, Bordeaux, France
Château Pontet Canet, Bordeaux, France
Château La Fleur de Gay, Bordeaux, France
Château Giscours, Bordeaux, France
Château Leoville-Barton, Bordeaux, France
Château Cantenac-Brown, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos Saint Martin, Bordeaux, France
Château Beychevelle, Bordeaux, France
Château Ducru-Beaucaillou, Bordeaux, France
Château D´Issan, Bordeaux, France
Château La Lagune, Bordeaux, France
Château Léoville Poyferré, Bordeaux, France
Château Cheval Blanc, Bordeaux, France
Château Léoville-Las Cases, Saint-Julien, France
Château Hosanna, Bordeaux, France
Château La Cabanne, Bordeaux, France
Château Oliver, Pessac Leognan, France
Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Bordeaux, France
Château Beaumont, Bordeaux, France
Château Lafon-Rochet, Bordeaux, France
Château Le Prieuré, Bordeaux, France
Domaine de Chevalier, Pessac Leognan, France
Château Clerc Milon, Bordeaux, France
Château D´Armailhac, Pauillac, France
Château Beauregard, Bordeaux, France
Château de Rayne Vigneau, Bordeaux, France
Château Nenin, Bordeaux, France
Château Lascombes, Margaux, France
Château Marquis De Terme, Bordeaux, France
Château Sociando Mallet, Bordeaux, France
Château La Clotte, Bordeaux, France
Château Cos Labory, Bordeaux, France
Château Le Boscq , Bordeaux, France
Château La Chenade, Bordeaux, France
Château Pedesclaux, Bordeaux, France
Château Clinet, Bordeaux, France
Château Dauzac, Bordeaux, France
Château La Conseillante, Bordeaux, France
Château Prieure-Lichine, Bordeaux, France
Château de la Dauphine, Bordeaux, France
Château Lynch-Moussas, Bordeaux, France
Château Guiraud, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos des Jacobins, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Cantemerle, Bordeaux, France
Château La Serre, Bordeaux, France
Château Batailley, Pauillac, France
Château Lafleur-Gazin, Pomerol, France
Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion, Bordeaux, France
Château Faugères, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Clos L' Eglise, Bordeaux, France
Château Croizet-Bages, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos René, Bordeaux, France
Château de Ferrand, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Bages Libéral, Bordeaux, France
Château Lagrange Pomerol, Bordeaux, France
Château Beau Soleil, Bordeaux, France

Achim Becker / Wineterminator.com, Wine Writer (Germany)  had a tasting of  11 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Château Montelena vertical with Bo Barrett!

2d 10h ago

Gérard Basset MW MS OBE / Best Sommelier in the World 2007 , Pro (United Kingdom)  had a tasting of  2 Wines  from  2 Producers 

Château Haut-Brion, Péssac-Léognan, France, 1989, 100pts. Perhaps the most harmonious wine I have ever tasted. This wine had it all - just perfect and sensational. This wine is just from another planet!

3d 43min ago

Andrew Caillard MW, Wine Writer (Australia)  had a tasting of  6 Wines  from  6 Producers 

2010 Parker Coonnawarra Estate First Growth Cabernet Sauvignon, Connawarra

Dark ripe Cabernet nose with leather, plum, mint, strawberry jam. Beautifully textured on palate with juicy sweet fruit, velvety tannins, a certain note of drier fruit like prunes and some woody notes. Classical and aristocratic texture with great complexity and length. Warm, ripe and big, but very finely balanced and precise with a great varietal expression. 95p

4d 6h ago

Tuomas Meriluoto MW, MW (Finland)  had a tasting of  10 Wines  from  1 Producers 

"Marqués de Riscal is one of the oldest Rioja wineries. Founded in Elciego (Álava) in 1858 by Guillermo Hurtado de Amézaga, from the outset it has been a point of reference in the winemaking business at both national and international level."

4d 7h ago

John Kapon / CEO / Ackerr Merrall & Condit, Pro (United States)  had a tasting of  25 Wines  from  22 Producers 

Let’s talk Bordeaux. The Commander brought two gorgeous ‘82s which were both singing. L’Evangile, which is now owned and run by Lafite, and Trotanoy, which is owned and run by the Moueix family (aka Petrus) remain two of the best buys in all of Bordeaux, and these two wines showed why. The L’Evangile had sexy aromas and flavors of plum, olive and chocolate, and while still a bit tight, it was thick and delicious. The Trotanoy was a bit more open, dare I say sexier in its nose, showing blacker fruit and great autum floor action. It may be maturing a touch faster than the L’Evangile, but I found them qualitatively equal. The 1985 Petrus has never been considered a great Petrus, but out of double magnum, it came damn close. It was another sexy Pomerol nose, with more wheat and dust, along with touches of purple marzipan. The palate was rich and beautiful, w ith hints of olive and plum, and richer and more tannic than I expected, probably thanks to the larger format as much as anything else.

5d 5h ago

Bartholomew Broadbent / Wine Writer, Wine Importer (United States)  had a tasting of  14 Wines  from  13 Producers 

Our host in Mississippi, Norm Rush, opens a lot of wine from his cellar. It is one of the reasons that 30+ winemakers keep returning every year!

5d 21h ago

P. Symington, Wine Producer (Portugal)  had a tasting of  5 Wines  from  2 Producers 

"Graham's Vintage 1963 / Power, dimension and real character are all hallmarkes of this most memorable Vintage. Even after 40 years the Graham's 1963 never fails to impress with it superbly balanced components of fruit, tannin and elegance. In 2004, this wine shows elegant rose petal aromas. The flavours are of concentrated caramelised fruit in perfect balance."

7d 21h ago

Andrew Graham, Wine Blogger (Australia)  had a tasting of  23 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Penfolds Grange 2004 / Now here is a challenging wine to review. The reviewers are swooning, the faithful are lining up at the Magill cellar door, even the mainstream press is giving it coverage (great to see, more please). In short, it is a ‘loaded’ wine: A bottle of fermented grape juice that comes so full of preconceptions, myth & mystique that actual tasting notes are redundant with reviewers serve to only agree or disagree with the greatness.

So, at first, I thought I would just not score this, to be a self righteous knob and just rattle off some descriptors and the odd opinion, before leaving a hole where the score would be at the end. But, instead, I sat there trying to work out what, if anything, was wrong with it. Approach a tasting with the idea that all wine is perfect until proven not. Its actually great fun, but also seems counter intuitive with the whole critical tasting idea. In the end, I decided that if you were to hold up a wine as the model for The Ultimate Young South Australian Shiraz, you couldn’t really go wrong with this.

Purple, dark red in colour. Sweet, malted coconut oak, interwoven with really bright red fruit, like a raspberry bounty & just a smidgen of (classic for Grange) VA. Cocoa. Black fruit. Impossibly youthful. Actually, it reminds me a lot of the 2005 Moss Wood on the nose, with it’s surreal, sweet youthful fruit and oak amalgam. Its a purity of fruit and well judged oak at its zenith, and its hard not too love. I think, however, that as a young wine, many European palates would find this too sweet. Leave it for a decade before serving it to the Poms then.

On the palate, well, it is drier, deeper and blacker than the sweet nose, much like 70% dark chocolate. Palate wise its red/black fruit dominant and utterly Penfoldian in its firm, quit sweet tannins. It’s sweet, but so structured and balanced that it feels velvety. Velvety like Burgundy. Effortless softness that is so seductive that you don’t notice the tannins, even though they hang in the background, ready to kick. I think that’s called balance. And it makes this wine the hero that it’s purported to be.

So in the end, in my quest to examine this wines perfection credentials, I really couldn’t find much wrong with it. Perhaps its a bit too sweet, otherwise it really is a brilliant South Australian Shiraz. The only question, perhaps, is whether it is ‘that much’ better than the 04 St Henri. And that question is largely answered by your wallet…97 p

8d 13h ago

Oliver Bernard / Domaine de Chevalier, Wine Maker (France)  had a tasting of  6 Wines  from  1 Producers 

The decade 2000-2010 produced an unparalleled series of good and great vintages. Everyone familiar with the frequent cold, wet years in the 1960s and 70s will be able to relate to the challenges and uncertainties of weather in the Gironde department and the oceanic depressions that can inundate the vines and jeopardise quality at all times of year.

Those of you who are used to reading this vintage report will recall the 5 prerequisites for a great red wine vintage in Bordeaux:

1-  quick,earlyfloweringconducivetogoodfertilization,satisfactoryyields,andevenripening
2-  the onset of water stress during fruit set to limit the swelling of young berries and define future

tannin content
3-  the definitive stop to vegetative growth before véraison (colour change) due to significant water

4-  completely ripe grapes thanks to optimum photosynthesis in the leaves up until harvest, without

any noteworthy resumption of vegetative growth
5-  mild weather during the harvest making it possible to pick late-ripening plots and varieties

without running the risk of dilution or rot

The 2013 vintage did not conform to any of the five essential factors for a fine red wine vintage due to three reasons: wet spring weather causing late flowering and widespread coulure (shot berries), as well as the violent and sometimes destructive storms in late July/early August that prevented vegetative growth from stopping, and the wet, mild weather in September and October propitious to the development of grey rot both before and during the harvest.

Although a great year was out of the question due to the weather, certain terroirs – thanks to winemaking expertise and a pragmatic, commonsense approach – nevertheless produced small quantities of pleasant red wines i.e. able to please Bordeaux wine lovers.

High quality white wine grapes need different conditions to grow from their red wine counterparts, so 2013 met the parameters for a very good dry white wine vintage thanks to fine weather in July and August, without excessive dryness. Great sweet white wines were also successful in 2013 thanks to the wet, mild autumn, much more favourable to the early, widespread development of Botrytis cinerea than 2012.

9d 23h ago

Rajiv Kehr, Pro (India)  had a tasting of  16 Wines  from  16 Producers 

Some great Champagnes from 1990's decade

10d 1h ago


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