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Pommery The Pommery cellars offer one of the best visiting experiences.

The fairy-tale castle complex that Madame Pommery had built in 1868 is simply charming. Built over a massive area of 50 hectares, the cellars exude the magnificence of the late nineteenth century. More than 100 Gallo-Roman crayères (chalk quarries) are joined together in an 18-kilometre labyrinthine network that houses 25 million bottles of champagne. Anyone interested in art will love the changing exhibition of art installations, from which the Vrankens choose their favourites each year to permanently decorate the cellars. The artworks even make a visit to the cellars entertaining for families with children.


The legacy of the world’s second most famous champagne widow, Madame Pommery, was immense. Her husband, Louis Alexandre Pommery, passed away just two years after entering Narcisse Greno’s champagne business in 1856. Despite having two babies to take care of, Jeanne-Alexandrine Pommery took the reins of the small business and turned it into a major Grande Marque. Madame Pommery was greatly inspired by her contemporary, the widow Clicquot, despite the fact that the two women apparently did not get on at all. In addition to creating the Pommery brand and building the monumental cellars, Madame Pommery is credited with producing the first dry champagne. The 1874 vintage of Pommery Nature was the first champagne that we would today call dry, and it immediately captivated the British market. It would pave the way for the champagne style of the future. One of these historic bottles can be seen in the Pommery cellars to this day.


Madame Pommery had a fabulous mansion built for her daughter Louise close to the champagne headquarters, and today it houses the finest hotel in Champagne, Les Crayères. Louise was married off to Prince Guy de Polignac, and the house remained in the hands of that renowned aristocratic family until 1979. The final representative of the family, Prince Alain de Polignac, was for a long time a highly regarded cellar master of Pommery, acting as an ambassador for the house until the turn of the millennium. Despite Prince Alain’s contribution, the loss of the family’s holding in the business has proven fateful for Pommery. After a few changes of hands, Moët Hennessy took over Pommery in 1994 and started to turn it into a volume brand by exponentially increasing production. This significantly lowered quality.


The final blow for Pommery, however, came when Moët Hennessy sold the house to Vranken but kept all of the best vineyards for itself. This act surely made Madame Pommery turn in her grave, as it made it very difficult for the house to stick to her motto, Qualité d’abord: Quality First. In spite of the difficult circumstances, the estate’s valued cellar master Thierry Gasco has stayed on board and done all he can for quality. Sustainable development is particularly close to Gasco’s heart and he worked towards Pommery becoming the first house of wine to achieve the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 1996.

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All of Pommery’s own vineyards are organically cultivated. The standard champagne of the house, Brut Royal, has still not achieved the desired quality, even though exceptionally good bottles can be found. Brut Apanage, developed for gastronomic use, and its rosé version, on the other hand, are in a whole different league. The youthful POP is a very drinkable, softly fruity wine for straightforward nightclub and picnic use.


The seasonal series of Summertime, Wintertime, Springtime and Falltime wines makes up an interesting concept. Vintage Pommerys never let you down, and the prestige wine Cuvée Louise pays Madame Pommery the homage she deserves. My own favourite, however, is the fantastically delicate and subtly mineral Cuvée Louise Rosé, which is an unfortunately rare find. It only makes up five per cent of Cuvée Louise’s production. Pommery opens its doors between 9.30 am and 7 pm daily between April and mid-December, and from 10 am to 6 pm daily from mid-December to the end of March. Closed from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. Cellar tours start at 12 euros, free entry for children under 10. Tours in French, English and German. Advance bookings are recommended

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"Damas, we need a wine that is as dry as possible, but without rigidity... It should be soft and velvety on the palate... Above all, make sure it has finesse’. This bold request, at a time when sweeter tastes were favoured, was met in 1874, when Victor Lambert, the successor to Pommery's Cellar Director Olivier Damas, created the first vintage brut in the history of Champagne, Pommery Nature 1874.

It was a revolution in Champagne. It was met with sarcasm and disbelief. But it was an unprecedented success. Under Madame Pommery's impetus, the Pommery style became known as ‘full of finesse and cheery lightness’. It can be tasted today in the Brut Royal and Cuvée Louise. It is always different, ever unique after slow ageing in the shadows of the chalk cellars.


Cuvée Louis is exclusively made using Chardonnay grapes from Avize and Cramant and Pinot Noir from Aÿ, nothing else but these listed grands crus, the pride of Pommery. Vines on the mid-hillside, vines in the air and vines upland... the plots of land in the Cuvée Louise vineyard are selected both for their location at the heart of the terroir, their performance over the years and the rich aroma of their grapes. And by their nature, they most faithfully convey the subtlety of the Pommery style.

Each year, the best grapes are selected. Three weeks before the planned harvest date, the grapes from each vineyard are sampled, and the final choices are made for the vintage wine, based on their health and their sugar and acid contents. The final selection is determined during the harvest, by Cellar Director Thierry Gasco. 

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21 different wines with 77 vintages

Winemaking since 1836

  • Thierry Gasco

    Madame Pommery had two words to describe her champagne: cheerful lightness. Taking it one step further, Pommery stands for delicacy and vivacity, heart and spirit, a style made of finesse whose musical score highlights the elegance of aromas before their power. It is a style full of freshness, with notes that come together like a witty dialogue, remaining on the palate with tender flavours.


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 Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  2 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  29 wines 

Many prestige champagnes debuted in 1959 vintage, for example, Dom Ruinart and Pol Roger Blanc de Chardonnay. A large harvest of champagnes, that often ended up above 13 percent alcohol because of the extremely hot summer. The wines have proven to be very sustainable, despite the low acid. Power and concentration are great regardless if the wines are dominated by Chardonnay or pinot noir. A wonderful champagne year in its style!

5m 10d ago

 Paulius Gruodis, Pro (Lithuania)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  14 wines 

This is not very frequent that in a single champagne tasting you are being offered some rare and old champagnes many of which score some bold 97-99 points. Certainly, it will not be surprising for anyone to assume this is due to the fact that these particular bottles were either oenothèque versions (late-disgorged having spent many years extra in the cellar) or with a perfect provenance. Otherwise I do not have any other explanation for huge scores I gave last weekend, especially, given that I had tried many of them on different occasions from bottles with original disgorgement. And what a difference if compared! This was a special tasting not only because of the above-mentioned features but also the content of the line-up itself. Top performers of the night were 1979 Pierre Peters Les Chétillons, 1990 Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Françaises, 1973 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne, Selosse trio from 1990 (50%), 1989 (25%) and 1988 (25%) as well as another trio by Anselme from 1998 (50%), 1997 (25%) and 1996 (25%), 1988 Franck Bonville Avize Grand Cru, 1985 Magnum Pommery Flacon d'Exception. To capture the great moment we have finished with 1870 Ingham Whitaker & Co. Marsala Superiore Riserva. Delicious indeed.

5m 19d ago

 Essi Avellan MW / Editor of the Champagne magazine, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  26 wines 

KRUG CLOS DU MESNIL 1995 / The toasty nose, with a suggestion of oak, is both subtle and layered. The structure is exceptional; the rich fruitiness of the vintage is combined charmingly with the stylish acidity of the Chardonnay. The concentration is perfect and the length of the taste does not leave any room for improvement. The wines of the 1995 vintage can usually be enjoyed at a young age but the rather unattached aroma of oak should be allowed to integrate into the fruitiness of the wine over time.

6m 17d ago

 Essi Avellan MW / Editor of the Champagne magazine, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  10 wines 


1. Bollinger 1914 vintage champagne

2. Cristal Rosé 2002 Mg


8m 10d ago

 Pommery  has updated producer and wine information

8m 11d ago

 Essi Avellan MW / Editor of the Champagne magazine, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  19 wines 

Some great Dom Perignon vintages like 1934, 1969, 1971,1975, 1976 etc.

11m 8d ago

 Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  25 wines 

“Paul Bara Special Club 2004 / Goodness gracious, what a surprise I received when I poured my club bottle and the wine was deep pink! I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as Special Club Rosé nowadays! One can only offer one's congratulations. The wine is very reminiscent of the non-vintage variety with somewhat greater weight, and refinement rich in mineral. Otherwise it gives the feeling of being just as young and unevolved. The fruitiness is vegetal with tones of beetroot and the beginnings of intense tones of wild bird pâté. When the wine is aired a great Pinot roundness makes its appearance.”

1y 1m ago

 Björnstierne Antonson / sommelier, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  26 wines 

“All the best Champagnes from the 2004 vintage.”

1y 3m ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  24 wines 

“Philipponnat Clos des Goisses 2002 - Moderately pale yellow colour with lively bubbles. Rich is the nose as well, with ripe fruity and toasty aromas that set this wine’s nose near perfection. Very rich, round and ripe taste is enhanced by monumental acidity. Promising youngish wine with great harmony. Great future ahead although very enjoyable already now.”

1y 3m ago

 Markus Del Monego MW / Best Sommelier in the World 1998, MW (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  9 wines 

“Champagne is exciting, especially when it comes to slightly riper styles. A dinner in Essen displayed a huge array of different Champagne styles and was a proof for the great quality, the complexity and the diversity of this wonderful region. ”

1y 3m ago

 Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  2 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  77 wines 

“The best Champagnes from 2002 vintage: As in Bourgogne, this is a beautiful and generous vintage with a bright future in store. It
is the rst time that I start to feel a tad old in the game. Because I have tried the vintage before in my life! Yes, the 2002 is so strikingly similar to the 1982 that I think I can predict the vintage’s whole life curve. I believe in a very linear curve without ups and downs. The wine will eventually become more buttery and fatter, with a relatively high acidity, and it will do its job in silence. The wines will reach their top at twenty to thirty years of age. Most promising
so far are many growers such as Egly-Ouriet, Michel Arnould, Pierre Gimonnet & Fils, Jacques Selosse, and Diebolt-Vallois. Amour the Deutz, Piper-Heidsieck, Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs, and Louis Roederer Cristal are pure nectar, but the most intellec- tually challenging are Jacquesson’s vineyard wines Champ Cain and Vauzelle de Terme.”

1y 4m ago

 Richard Juhlin / The number One champagne expert in the world, Pro (Sweden)  tasted  2 wines  from  Pommery . In a tasting of  55 wines 

“Vintage 1996 / Probably one of the greatest vintages. Not since 1928 has there been a wine with as much acidity in combination with high potential alcohol, which should cater to a really long life. Just like 1990, there are examples of wines that are made with almost overripe grapes with lower acidity. These examples show a transparent oxidative and rounded pro le. Otherwise, most of the 1996s are real child abductions, with a biting acidity and monumental inherent power. I am highly impressed by the grand-cru growers, with Jacques Selosse and Diebolt-Vallois eur de Passion in the lead. Dom Pérignon is wonderful as are Cuvée William Deutz Rosé, Louis Roederer Cristal, Cristal Rosé, Krug Clos du Mesnil, and the monumental Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Française and Krug Clos d’Ambonnay.”

1y 4m ago

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