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The Paul Blanck estate traces its history in Alsace back to the 17th Century, where they produce a stunning and diverse lineup of wines from enviable parcels in the Haut-Rhin district of Alsace. Located in the village of Kientzheim, Domaine Paul Blanck produces wines that are balanced, terroir-expressive, and versatile. Owners Frédéric and Philippe Blanck farm ther vines without the use of chemicals, seeking to gain the clearest possible expression of vineyard character. From the chiseled, sumptuously mineral Schlossberg to the opulent and broad Furstentum, Blanck’s Grand Cru offerings rank with the best in the region. His single-vineyard (lieux-dits) wines from such sites as Patergarten and Rosenbourg are comparably top-flight, and his line of everyday ‘Classique’ wines  show the versatility and breadth of the Blanck range.



The full expression of a given terroir requires human intervention, which mingles knowledge of the soils and the different local climates with generations of experience, based on patient observation and respect for the vines.

It goes without saying the vines of our various terroirs are harvested manually and are free of fertilizer. Every other inter-row benefits from natural grass growth, plowed several times a year with different tools to develop the soil’s organic life.
The summer ploughs uproot the long grass that invades the row and competes with the vines. This leaves the vines to develop on plots with a remarkable south-facing exposure to the sun’s rays.
The elders knew that a good hoeing is worth two waterings, especially since these can be quite rare on the slopes in the summer!
Soil amendments, traditional protective treatments such as the so-called “bouillie bordelaise” (a copper-based fungicide) and sulfur in small doses make up the basis for action against predatory fauna and fungus. The vines flourish on hilly slopes where she can better defend herself by her own means as long as the environment is favorable.
Despite the fact that in the heart of summer all vegetation suffers, the flora is a precious auxiliary for the vine grower eager to create a rich and protective biodiversity.
Leaving technical explanations aside, this dimension is essential to create a strong synergy of the living without which it would be impossible to imagine terroir crus and how they titillate and stimulate the human mind and spirit.
A vine is a habitat for insects, plants, a fauna and a flora often microscopic, it is the still little-known action of the vine’s roots whose underground presence creates a vital and natural movement full of poetry. The vine plays the role of a conductor or maker, creating order in this terrestrial cosmos.

Each terroir is unique. Man has always sought a link to his Land.

The Cru is the most useful, the most pleasant and the most constant of the relations between Man and his natural environment.
It is the local environment’s answer to the effort of Man to manage the natural habitat and turn it into a supportive eco-system, basing his action on observation, ingenuity and hard work. This symbiosis fosters stability and the right conditions for the production of grapes that will go on to produce living, vibrating wines.


Inside information

A Dynasty of Winemakers
In 1610, Hans Blanck, the family's Austrian ancestor acquired the first vines in Alsace. In 1846, Jacques Philippe Blanck obtained a medal for his work as a winemaker. In 1927, Paul Blanck, along with a handful of other winemakers, were recognized as the driving force behind turning the site of Schlossberg into a pilot site for a future grand cru. In 1975, with the creation of the grand cru appellation system in Alsace, Schlossberg was the first to be assigned this appellation. Paul's sons Bernard and Marcel Blanck play a crucial role in elevating Domaine Paul Blanck and the notion of grand cru terroir. Bernard and Marcel's sons, cousins Frédéric and Philippe, joined the domaine in 1985. Together they lead the domaine into the 21st century. Philippe Blanck is in charge of external relations and is an ambassador for the domaine as well as the region of Alsace. Frédéric Blanck is in charge of the vineyards and the cellar. 

"We are forever searching with passion and respect to enable nature to express itself in our wines. We wish to share with everyone the force and diversity of the Alsace; the richness of the grape varieties, and the 'joie de vivre' of its people." - Frédéric and Philippe Blanck

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