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Tim Atkin MW, Wine Writer (United Kingdom)  had a tasting of  27 Wines  from  3 Producers 

The La Tâche was the palest of all the DRC 2017s, almost to the point of transparency. This is a floral, open knit expression of the monopoly Grand Cru, which is very far from being a blockbuster this year. Scented and appealing, with notes of avatar of roses, fresh leather and peat smoke on the nose, lots of whole bunch spice and structure, racy acidity, a hint of salinity, succulent red berry fruit and remarkable palate length. A layered, understated red.

12h 11min ago

Markus Del Monego MW/BWW2022-Best Germany Wine Critic of the World, MW (Germany)  had a tasting of  15 Wines  from  4 Producers 

Some wines from the centre of Italy arrived for tasting. A wonderful selection with some very positive surprises and great typicity. 

1d 17h ago

Richard Juhlin , Wine Writer (Sweden)  had a tasting of  12 Wines  from  7 Producers 

Krug Clos du Mesnil 1982 / The wine of the vintage. More Krug-like than Mesnil-like. The color is reminiscent of a big, white, toasted, oak-barrel Burgundy—even the scent points in that direction. It has an oriental, spicy nose. Toffee, honey, coffee, linden, cream, butterscotch, sun-ripened oranges: it's got everything! Enveloped in a Corton-Charlemagne-like fat, nutty, enormous taste. The acidity is incredibly high but it hides beneath a layer of sweet fruit. One of myWINNERS  at the Millennium Tasting. The last two bottles have shown a rich big maturity and less refinement so the gigant is now down on 98 points.

3d 11h ago

Andrew Caillard MW, Wine Writer (Australia)  had a tasting of  3 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Penfolds Californian wines are typically opulent styles and show the kindred spirit of Californian and Australian vine stock. 2019 Penfold Bin 149, described as a wine of the world is a Napa Valley South Australian blend and works impressively well. It’s worth remembering that the Australian component was vintaged six months before California and so the concept of maturation time is blurred. All the same the components all integrate seamlessly, and the wine should enjoy a long cellaring career. The same also applies to the 2019 Penfolds Bin 600 Cabernet Shiraz which has hallmarks of South Australian winemaking but fully amplifies the power and energy of Californian Cabernet. The Shiraz component does the job of filling the mid-palate and adding plushness, but the torque in the Cabernet drives the flavours across the palate with impressive velocity. The wine is strangely familiar yet distant perhaps reflecting the cross-Pacific nature of the wine. 

5d 4h ago

Stuart Robinson / thevinsomniac.com, Wine Blogger (Australia)  had a tasting of  16 Wines  from  12 Producers 

Harewood Estate Flux I Shiraz 2016 / Fair throw of oak redolent here, new at that, dominating the palate. Light on the palate, as befits its 12%,oak remnants present and lending a sheen and gloss to the wine. Tannins are powder fine, almost cocoa like in profile, yet firmish and penetrating through the finish. Curious, certainly of interest. 93 

5d 13h ago

Jamie Goode, Wine Writer (United Kingdom)  had a tasting of  18 Wines  from  16 Producers 

Beaulieu Georges de Latour Private Reserve 1970 / It's a rare treat to be able to try an old Californian classic like this. Sweet open spicy nose with some herby fruit showing a savoury, spicy, earthy/meaty edge. The palate is soft and spicy with some American oak still showing. Tarry and sweet with some evolution in the glass. Very nice, this historical old wine. Very good+ 88/100

7d 4h ago

Clive Coates / MW, Wine Writer (France)  had a tasting of  10 Wines  from  9 Producers 

Chambolle-Musigny, Les Amoureuses, 1999 Comte Georges de Vogué / Given that the Domaine de Vogué owns over 7 hectares of the 10.65 extent of Le Musigny and 56 ares of the 5 hectares Les Amoureuses, not to mention 2.7 hextares of Bonnes Mares, we are among one of the greatest domaines in the Côtes d'Or. Since the mid-1980s this estate has hardly put a foot wrong. Here in 1999 we are  at the very highest Burgundy can achieve.

This is a very lovely wine. Full, rich, powerful, yet with the usual Chambolle delicacy and spectacular concentration of fruit. It apears to be only just ready, but seemingly there is a lifetime ahead of it. Brilliant!

8d 6h ago

Andreas Larsson / Best Sommelier in the World 2004, Pro (Sweden)  had a tasting of  5 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Schloss Gobelsburg Tradition 50 years Cuvée / Light golden colour. Pure and intense nose offering fresh stone fruit, sweet citrus, some lees derived creamy notes, fine oak, toasted hints and plenty of fine spice. The palate is warm and unctruous yet remaining fresh with crunchy and vigorous fruit, fine extract and very mild tannin contributing to structure and length, very long with great depth, purity and style. 

8d 8h ago

Juha Lihtonen / The Best Scandinavian Sommelier 2003, Pro (Finland)  had a tasting of  17 Wines  from  2 Producers 

Day one in Barolo 2019 & Barbaresco 2020 tastings.  Lovely and very impressive wines from both Andrea Sottimano and Mauro Veglio. Sottimano shows its true potential weith its Sottimano 2001 and 2010 vintages.

9d 18h ago

Izak Litwar , Wine Writer (Denmark)  had a wine moment

“For me, Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse 2022 marks a style change towards a more elegant, refined, and sophisticated one than vintages 2019, 2018, and 2016.
A wine with well-integrated mix of finesse and underlying power, minerality, and Burgundian delicacy and opulence of high-esteemed Grand Cru wines from Chambolle Musigny/Gevrey Chambertin. The blend has 10% more C. Franc than in previous vintages - 69% Merlot + 31% C. Franc, pH. 3.5, harvest of Merlot took place from 6th to 9th of September, and C. Franc was collected on the 23rd of September. ABV is 14.9%, but you absolutely can’t feel it while tasting.
This is a mind-boggling effort and clear proof of extraordinary winemaking skills from Josephine Duffau Lagarrosse. Bravo!! 98-100p.”

10d 15h ago

1 Wines 1 Producers

Markus Del Monego MW/BWW2022-Best Germany Wine Critic of the World, MW (Germany)  had a tasting of  87 Wines  from  78 Producers 

Primeurs Vintage 2022 -  Part 4

12d 10h ago

Le Sec de Rayne Vigneau 2022, Château de Rayne Vigneau
Brio de Cantenac Brown 2022, Château Cantenac-Brown
Alto De Cantenac Brown 2022, Château Cantenac-Brown
D de Dauzac 2022, Château Dauzac
Château Clos des Jacobins 2022, Clos des Jacobins
La Cure 2022, Château Tournefeuille
Château La Patache 2022, Château La Patache
Château d'Agassac 2022, Château d'Agassac
Château Grand Corbin 2022, Château Grand Corbin
Château Bernadotte 2022, Château Bernadotte
Château de Malleret 2022, Château de Malleret
Château Lamothe Bergeron 2022, Château Lamothe Bergeron
Château Barreyres 2022, Chãteau Barreyres
Château Liot 2022, Chateau Liot
Anthoinette 2022, Château Castera
Château Castera 2022, Château Castera
Château Caroline 2022, Château Caroline
Château La Croix de Pez 2022, Château La Croix de Pez
Château Paloumey 2022, Château Paloumey
Château du Moulin Rouge 2022, Château du Moulin Rouge
Domaine Fleuron de Liot 2022, Château Moulin de Blanchon
Château Moulin de Blanchon 2022, Château Moulin de Blanchon
Château Croix de Trale 2022, Château Croix de Trale
Château Noaillac 2022, Château Noaillac
Château Poitevin 2022, Château Poitevin
Château La Branne 2022, Château La Branne
Château Haut-Maurac 2022, Château Haut-Maurac
Château Fleur La Mothe 2022, Château Fleur La Mothe
Château Lestage 2022, Château Lestage
Château Couvent des Jacobins 2022, Château Couvent des Jacobins
Château Beauvillage 2022, Château Beauvillage
Château Bellerive 2022, Château Bellerive
Les Rocheuses 2022, Château Le Rey
Les Argileuses, Parcelles n° 1 et 3 2022, Château Le Rey
Château La Brande 2022, Château La Brande
Château Haut-Brisson 2022, Château Haut-Brisson
Enclos de Viaud 2022, Enclos de Viaud
Enclos Tourmaline 2022, Enclos Tourmaline
Chateau Clos manou 2022, Clos Manou
Château La Tour de By "Héritage" 2022, Chateau La Tour de By
Château Bellevue Lancon 2022, Château Bellevue Lancon
Château Beauséjour "Cuvée Prestige" 2022, Château Beauséjour
Château Chemin Royal 2022, Château Chemin Royal
Château Clos des Abbesses 2022, Château Clos des Abbesses
Château de Portets 2022, Château de Portets
Château de Marsan 2022, Château de Marsan
Château de Cartujac 2022, Château de Cartujac
Château de Cassana 2022, Château de Cassana
Château d'Anglade, Grande Réserve 2022, Château d'Anglade
Château La Valière 2022, Château La Valière
Château du Petit Puch 2022, Château du Petit Puch
Château Haut-Bana 2022, Château Haut-Bana
Château Franc Bigaroux 2022, Château Franc Bigaroux
Château La Roque de By 2022, Château La Roque de By
Château La Révérence 2022, Château La Révérence
Château La Renaissance 2022, Château La Renaissance
Château Haut Barrail 2022, Château Haut Barrail
Héritage Château Goudichaud rouge 2022, Château Goudichaud
Héritage Château Goudichaud 2022, Château Goudichaud
Château Finegrave 2022, Château Finegrave
Château du Périer 2022, Château du Périer
Château Saransot-Dupré 2022, Château Saransot-Dupré
Château Saransot-Dupré Blanc 2022, Château Saransot-Dupré
Château Saint-Christoly 2022, Château Saint-Christoly
Château Pontey 2022, Château Pontey
Château Plagnac 2022, Château Plagnac
Château Martin Saint-Estèphe 2022, Château Martin Saint-Estèphe
Château Martin 2022, Château Martin
Domaine les Sadons 2022, Domaine les Sadons
Domaine Andron 2022, Domaine Andron
Grain Bleu 2022, Sol Béni, Philippe Troussier
Coup du Chapeau 2022, Sol Béni, Philippe Troussier
Sol Béni 2022, Sol Béni, Philippe Troussier
Château Villa Carmin 2022, Château Villa Carmin
Château La Commanderie rouge 2022, Château La Commanderie Saint-Emilion
Château Beynat 2022, Château Beynat
Moi j'ai un rêve, Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Château Beynat
Château Bel Air Eiffel 2022, Château Bel Air Eiffel - Héritiers Gustave Eiffel
Château de Candale 2022, Château de Candale
Château la Bessane 2022, Château la Bessane
Château Perrin d'Hoge 2022, Château Perrin d'Hoge
Château Pellot 2022, Château Pellot
Château Bellegrave du Poujeau 2022, Château Bellegrave du Poujeau
Château Lousteauneuf 2022, Château Lousteauneuf
Château La Garricq 2022, Château La Garricq
Château Lestage-Darquier Grand Poujeaux 2022, Château Lestage-Darquier Grand Poujeaux
Evoke 2022, Evoke - Saint Julien
Enclos de Viaud, Bordeaux, France
Domaine Andron, Bordeaux, France
Château La Branne, Bordeaux, France
Château Franc Bigaroux, Bordeaux, France
Château de Candale, Bordeaux, France
Château Noaillac, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Maurac, Bordeaux, France
Château Croix de Trale , Bordeaux, France
Château Grand Corbin, Bordeaux, France
Château La Patache, Bordeaux, France
Château du Moulin Rouge, Bordeaux, France
Château Lamothe Bergeron, Bordeaux, France
Château d'Anglade, Bordeaux, France
Château Saint-Christoly, Bordeaux, France
Château Pontey, Bordeaux, France
Château Plagnac, Bordeaux, France
Château Lestage, Bordeaux, France
Château du Périer, Bordeaux, France
Château Martin, Bordeaux, France
Château La Croix de Pez, Bordeaux, France
Château Moulin de Blanchon, Bordeaux, France
Château Tournefeuille, Lalande de Pomerol, France
Enclos Tourmaline, Bordeaux, France
Château Fleur La Mothe, Bordeaux, France
Château Poitevin, Bordeaux, France
Château Saransot-Dupré, Bordeaux, France
Château la Bessane, Bordeaux, France
Château Castera, Bordeaux, France
Château Martin Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France
Clos Manou, Bordeaux, France
Château Le Rey, Bordeaux, France
Château du Petit Puch, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Bana, Bordeaux, France
Château Bellevue Lancon, Bordeaux, France
Château La Roque de By, Bordeaux, France
Château Beauséjour, Bordeaux, France
Château La Révérence, Bordeaux, France
Château La Renaissance, Bordeaux, France
Château Chemin Royal, Bordeaux, France
Château Clos des Abbesses, Bordeaux, France
Château Pellot, Bordeaux, France
Château Bellegrave du Poujeau, Bordeaux, France
Château Lousteauneuf, bord, France
Château La Garricq, Bordeaux, France
Château Lestage-Darquier Grand Poujeaux, Bordeaux, France
Château Bel Air Eiffel - Héritiers Gustave Eiffel, Bordeaux, France
Château Perrin d'Hoge, Bordeaux, France
Evoke - Saint Julien, Bordeaux, France
Château Paloumey, Bordeaux, France
Château Dauzac, Bordeaux, France
Château Cantenac-Brown, Bordeaux, France
Château de Rayne Vigneau, Bordeaux, France
Château de Malleret, Bordeaux, France
Château d'Agassac, Bordeaux, France
Chãteau Barreyres, Bordeaux, France
Château Finegrave, Bordeaux, France
Château Bernadotte, Bordeaux, France
Château Bellerive, Bordeaux, France
Château Beauvillage, Bordeaux, France
Clos des Jacobins, Saint-Emilion, France
Château Couvent des Jacobins, Bordaux, France
Château Haut Barrail, Bordeaux, France
Château Beynat, Bordeaux, France
Domaine les Sadons, Bordeaux, France
Sol Béni, Philippe Troussier, Bordeaux, France
Château La Valière, Bordeaux, France
Château Villa Carmin, Bordeaux, France
Château La Commanderie Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France
Chateau La Tour de By, Medoc, France
Château Caroline, Bordeaux, France
Château de Portets, Bordeaux, France
Château de Marsan, Bordeaux, France
Château de Cartujac, Bordeaux, France
Château de Cassana, Bordeaux, France
Chateau Liot, Bordeaux, France
Château La Brande, Bordeaux, France
Château Goudichaud, Bordeaux, France
Château Haut-Brisson, Bordeaux, France

Allison Tauziet / Colgin Cellars, Wine Maker (United States)  had a tasting of  22 Wines  from  1 Producers 

Colgin 2019 Vintage: Nuanced yet vivid, the 2019 vintage brims with the hallmark characteristics of the IX Estate vineyard. Powerful mineral notes of crushed rock and iron intermingle with compelling scents of licorice, black cherry, and huckleberry. Generous notes of sage and juniper meld with subtle hints of graphite and potpourri. A gliding texture of suave tannins seamlessly coats the palate leading to a sleek finish. The pure, gorgeous fruit ties everything together, making for an exquisite wine that sings now but will only reveal more layers in the future.

12d 10h ago





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