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In the Médoc peninsula, 70 km north of Bordeaux, is the renowned wine-growing town of Bégadan, where the Château La Branne vineyard stretches, between the Gironde estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

Originally the family property counted only 2 hectares of vines. Unable to imagine a profession other than winegrower, Philippe Videau took over the small farm in 1986 and over the years made it grow to reach today 25 hectares of vineyards with different and complementary terroirs.

In 1999, in order to make the most of the potential of the vineyard, we decided to vinify our wine within the estate. Then begins the history of Château La Branne.

CHÂTEAU LA BRANNE has been classified CRU BOURGEOIS since the 2008 vintage. The "Cru Bourgeois" quality approach is annual. It consists of a verification through an audit of the property as well as a blind tasting of the vintage presented. The "Cru Bourgeois" approach validates the real quality of a wine over a given volume and guarantees it to the end consumer. Each stage of obtaining the "Cru Bourgeois" designation is controlled by an independent body: Bureau Veritas. It brings to the mention "Cru bourgeois" an impartiality at all stages.

To develop a quality, regular wine, typical of the Médoc appellation, cultural practices are essential. We therefore chose to let the terroir express itself, based on the principles of Reasoned Agriculture. The Reasoned Agriculture certification in 2006 is the result of work that respects the environment.


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"Château La Branne" is made up of 3 types of complementary terroirs:
- gravelly sand for finesse and roundness
- gravelly clay for the aromatic complexity
- limestone clay for structure and tannins

To obtain a quality wine and to keep, the Médoc varietals are distributed on the property in the following proportions:
- Cabernet Sauvignon: 50%
- Merlot: 48%
- Petit Verdot: 2%

It is the alliance of these terroirs and grape varieties that are revealed to you when you taste "Château La Branne".

To fix the date of the harvest is always a delicate decision, because it is the culmination of a year of work. We regularly take grapes from the property, which are analyzed to determine the optimal harvest date. But the climatic conditions of the region are also essential in the choice of the date.

In the vat, the harvest is vinified in accordance with the Médoc tradition, the vinification temperatures are controlled and regulated. This process makes it possible to obtain a wine which is at the same time fruity, supple, oily and of aging.

The work of the vine is traditional, with a permanent concern to respect the vineyard. During the winter, when the vine is resting, the double Guyot pruning prepares the future harvest.

In spring, suckering helps keep the best fruits. Thus production is more homogeneous and better controlled for average yields of 50 hl per hectare.

Summer is a crucial season in the vineyard cycle. It is necessary to take care of the good sanitary state of the vineyard so that the maturity of the grape is perfect. Reasoned control makes it possible to intervene in the event of a risk of disease and to reduce the application of non-residual products. In July, leaf stripping on the rising sun side of the vine allows ventilation of the grapes and good maturity.

The entire vineyard is grassed to control production and avoid too much water supply for the vine. Grass also plays an ecological role, because it avoids the phenomena of soil erosion.

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In order to reveal all the character and typicity of the wine by a gentle extraction of the tannins, a post-fermentation maceration is carried out for 3 weeks.

The "Château La Branne" will then age in oak barrels for 12 months. For a harmonious blend of wood and fruit, 30% of the barrels are renewed each year, giving subtle notes of vanilla.

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Wine Moments

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 Markus Del Monego MW/BWW2022-Best Germany Wine Critic of the World, Wine Writer (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Château La Branne . In a tasting of  745 wines 

This years "en primeur" tasting seemed like a journey in time. Bordeaux is back to a more moderate alcohol level and the style is lighter and more elegant. One could say the wines are reminiscent of the 80s, however made with more experience and the modern techniques today. It is not a powerful vintage. The wines are elegant, however the well made ones have an excellent persistence, depth and length. They offer a convincing potential for a long ageing and promote elegance in Bordeaux again. It is a true vintage of terroir although there is a lot of talk about a vintners vintage. However, terroir was the decisive factor in 2021.

Professor Axel Marchal has presented the 10 key points of this vintage on the occasion of the Union des Grands Crus press tasting:

"1. The start of the growing season was marked by severe frost on the 7th and 8th of April.

2. Wet and gloomy weather in May slowed down the vine growth although a providential window of fine weather helped flowering unfold in ideal conditions in early June.

3. Thunderstorms in June slowed down the onset of water stress.

4: Cool, dull weather in July increased the threat of vine diseases.

5. Véraison (colour change) was observed in mid-August, while vine growth had not stopped yet.

6. Thanks to a cool summer, the dry white wines are brilliant, lively and aromatic.

7. The wonderful Indian Summer allowed the red grape varieties to ripen in ideal conditions and preserved aromas.

8. The Merlots are fresh and aromatic while the Cabernets from the finest terroirs are well-structured with good balance.

9. The development of Botrytis cinerea in Sauternes was delayed by the cool summer and eventually triggered by rainfall in mid-September.

10. Despite low yields, the botrytised sweet white wines are of excellent quality."

It will be exciting to see the evolution of this vintage which produced in many cases yields on a very low scale. Arguably it will be a vintage praised for it finesse in the future. A vintage rated on finesse and persistence rather than on sheer power and opulence.

1m 15d ago

 Markus Del Monego MW/BWW2022-Best Germany Wine Critic of the World, Wine Writer (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Château La Branne . In a tasting of  650 wines 

2020 – the paradox vintage 

2020 began with mild temperatures even breaking temperature record highs at the beginning of February. These conditions led to a premature budbreak. Budding developed unevenly, very much depending on the locations although the coo and humid weather in April had not a very significant impact on slowing down the growth of the vines. Finally all the vines came into bloom at the end of May without any significant coulure or millerandage. At the start of June, frequent rain intensified the pressure of mildew. From mid-June, the weather changed. The whole Bordelais saw a period of very dry weather for two months. However, the earlier accumulation of water reserves prevented water stress. Around July 18 a heat wave began to build up but the cool nighty prevented water stress on the wines again. The veraison started at the end of July and went on till the beginning of August. The heatwave in August accentuated water stress, but shorter rainy episodes avoided a complete block. The dry and sunny weather in September encouraged the grapes maturity and harvest started on September 10 with a rather mild weather. Towards the middle of September, rain prevented the fruits from wilting but as its frequency was quite concerning, the haves was pushed forward. "Le diabolique" is the title given to this vintage by Véronique Sanders. It is a very special French word, which is not correctly translated with “diabolic” in English. In France, the expression means to overcome the devil. And the vintners succeeded. 2020 is clearly a vintner’s vintage which asked a permanent reinvention of the wineries, struggling hard with this difficult vintage. However, the vintage surprises with excellent wines, exemplary freshness and elegance and very dense structure. In former times it was said that the vine has to suffer to make exquisite wines, in this vintage the people have suffered to make a great wine. The first part of notes for this tasting with over 800 wines you will find today. More notes will follow over the coming days.

1y 1m ago

 Markus Del Monego MW/BWW2022-Best Germany Wine Critic of the World, Wine Writer (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Château La Branne . In a tasting of  22 wines 

Antoine Médeville is a consulting enologist in Bordeaux working for a number of estates in Bordeaux and Tuscany. He organised an arrivage tasting for the vintage 2015. The wines have been tasted blind in Essen.

4y 5m ago

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