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The Wachau valley is one of the most beautiful historic landscapes in the world and has been included, since 2000, as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Here in between the Danube on the one side and the mountains on the other side is the of the village of Spitz located Five generations of Hirtzbergers have lived here, tending the vines which have been planted in the Wachau Valley the 13th Century. Today wine is produced with all the modern know-how at our disposal, but still following the tradition of the Wachau valley and our family.



The quality and character of every wine is created by various factors. A crucial aspect in wine production is the terroir Ð the interaction between climate, soil and topography. Today's work is based on the detailed knowledge of each end every vineyard and the experience which has accumulated over five generations. This carefully accumulated knowledge allows us to emphasise the typical style of the grapes. The climate adds its own distinctive character.


In the vineyard Donaugarten, which lies by the Danube river, and in altitude is therefore the lowest of all our vineyards, grows the only Grüner Veltliner which we vinify as "Steinfeder". The vine is up to 30 years old and this, combined with the excellent subsoil of alluvial soil and Danube brash produces a wine which is low in Alcohol and provides excellent easy drinking.


The famous name "Axpoint" is explained by the fact that this land used to be owned by the Abtai of Niederalteich. This is a young vineyard, which first produced fruit in 1999. The soil is recondite and comprises predominantly clay which is reflected in the character of the Grüner Veltliner Smaragd produced here.


The vineyard Honivogl is located at the bottom part of the Singerriedel. Every year we harvest here our best Grüner Veltliner grapes. The ground is rich in minerals, and this factor, coupled with its due south exposure gives us ideal conditions to produce this great wine.


Setzberg is situated 300m above see level and therefore the highest in attitude of our vineyards. The soil type is pure Gneiss. Its location at the entrance to the Spitzer trench means that the vineyard's microclimate is influence by the chilly north winds which blow through it.


Hochrain is located just below Singerriedel. The soil type is dominated by a weathered rock overlaid with a fine layer of sandy loam. This particular terroir produces a Riesling with intense minerality, and flavour of stone fruits.


One of the best vineyards in the Wachau valley, the Singerriedel rises steeply right behind Weingut Hirtzberger. We pay a very special attention to Singerriedel, and have beeen rebuilding the stone terraces here already for 20 years. The reason for our great efforts is the extreme minerality of the soil, comprising gneiss, mica, schist and other primary rocks. This unique terroir provides us with the foundation for our greatest Riesling Smaragd.


Directly translated from Latin, the word "pluris" means "more". This is also true of the Grauburgunder grapes which grow here. The soil is rich in clay, which produces rich and intensely flavoured grapes, which are strong and powerful and of very high quality.


The vineyard Steinporz is also built of terraces, and these provide a perfect base for Wei§burgunder (pinot blanc). The soild type here is of weathered gneiss, overlaid with humous, which impars a significant minerality to the Weißburgunder.


We grow our Chardonnay in this vineyard, which lies directly behind the castle of Spitz. The soil is rich in humous, and seems best suited to Chardonnay. We mature this wine in large wooden barrels which helps it to retain its clear, distinctive flavour.



Our foremost aim is to produce a wine of character and utmost purity. We have refined our practices over many years, while applying essentially the same tried and tested methods of previous generations. For us the utmost goal is to produce wines which are true to their origins; which reflect our unique Wachau "terroir"; the individual characteristics of each vineyard and the particular conditions of each different vintage.


8 different wines with 23 vintages

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