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Jacob’s Creek appoints new winemaker / Jacob’s Creek Chief Winemaker Ben Bryant today announced the appointment of Trina Smith to the position of Group White & Sparkling Winemaker, based out of the brand’s home in the Barossa Valley.

With over 20 years of winemaking experience and completion of international vintages in California, Italy and South Africa, Trina’s vision for Jacob’s Creek will be driven by her diverse background and specialist winemaking expertise.

“Jacob’s Creek is a proudly Australian brand of world-class standards, with a strong heritage of some of the finest winemakers in the country, who continually inject their passion and knowledge into building the brand into what it is today. I am thrilled to now be a part of this team and look forward to sharing my experiences to help continue to
take Jacob’s Creek to wine drinkers around the world,” said Smith of her appointment.

In her new role at Jacob’s Creek, Trina will be responsible for ensuring the white, rosé and sparkling wines are produced to the highest standards that Jacob’s Creek consumers have come to know and love. Trina will also provide guidance to the operational winemaking team and continue to drive advances and innovation across all aspects of the brand’s Australian operations and wine portfolio.

Trina joins the Jacob’s Creek family from Treasury Wine Estates where she recently held the position of Senior Sparkling Winemaker since 2008. In this role, Trina worked across their entire Australian sparkling portfolio.

Ben Bryant, Chief Winemaker for Jacob’s Creek said: “We’re thrilled to have Trina join our family and look forward to tapping into her wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that we continue to produce wines of a world-class standard.”




Jacob's Creek Chief Winemaker Bernard Hickin ponders which vintage to pour as he begins his retirement


AFTER 40 YEARS of wizardry at Australia's Jacob's Creek, chief winemaker Bernard Hickin is passing the baton at the end of this month to Ben Bryant to carry on the brand's world-renowned legacy.

Hickin's departure has meanwhile inspired Bryant to create an exceptional tipple, the 2010 Limited Edition Shiraz Cabernet, to honour Hickin's four decades of dedication in maintaining the trusted quality and style that has earmarked Jacob's Creek wines since 1976. A mere 250 bottles have been made available around the world of this plush and complex blend of Shiraz from Barossa and Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawara.


I was inspired to become a winemaker after visiting a winery in Adelaide as a young adult. I was totally captivated by the aromas of the fermenting grapes and the comforting smell of oak barrels, and to see how the humble grapes were converted into this delicious, complex drink. Pretty soon afterwards I enrolled in an oenology degree course at Roseworthy College in South Australia, and I haven't looked back since.


I suppose one of my biggest achievements was our sparkling wine, which was first released in 1990. Until then Jacob's Creek had really only been famous for its table wines, but I felt there was a great opportunity to release a sparkling wine that had the same great balance, varietal expression and easy drinking style.
I was right - our sparkling wines achieved great success and still do, and Jacob's Creek remains one of the only brands that are successful with both still and sparkling wine.


The interaction of art and science in winemaking is a wonderful thing, and it hasn't changed much. Science has long been the backbone of modern Australian winemaking - ensuring the vineyards are managed properly and that the fermentation conditions are optimised - but art remains at the heart of winemaking.
For some winemakers their art is to express their own personality through the wine they make. At Jacob's Creek our art is to express the personality of the grape itself - the true character of the grape variety, as well as the place where the grapes were grown. So the art is seeing the grapes in the vineyard and imagining how that can be captured in the wine, and then coaxing the grapes through the winemaking process to achieve that vision.


The way each vintage is unique. We are at the mercy of the seasons, and each year we wonder what the next vintage will bring. Grape quality depends on the conditions in the growing season, including the rain, the wind, the sun and the temperature. We have little control over how the vintage will be until we receive the grapes into the winery. It's as terrifying each year as it is invigorating!


The 2012 was our best during my decade as chief winemaker, and followed probably our most difficult vintage, which is probably why I found it most memorable. That was a year when perfect weather conditions were seen across South Australia, and almost every parcel of fruit that came into Jacob's Creek was of exceptional quality. I said at the time I thought it was the best vintage in 25 years. But 1986 and 1996 were also outstanding years, and more recently 2002 and 2004 produced high-quality wines.


Our philosophy has three pillars of excellence: varietal expression, quality and balance. Varietal expression means that our goal is to reflect the true character of the grape variety in the wine. Our Shiraz tastes like Shiraz should, and our Chardonnay tastes as Chardonnay should.

As for quality, we strive to make the best-quality wines every year and we visit every vineyard during vintage to ensure the grapes are picked at their optimal time. In terms of balance, one of the calling cards of Jacob's Creek wines is that they're approachable and easy to drink. This is no accident - it reflects the effort we go through to ensure the wines are in perfect balance.


It's a fairly substantial underground cool cellar, about three by four metres holding a thousand or so bottles. I have one old bottle of Cote de Nuits Pinot Noir Burgundy that's probably valued at about US$1,000, should I ever wish to sell it - which I won't, since wine is made to drink and enjoy.

I think it might be a good wine to crack on Day 1 of my retirement!





The recent Critics Challenge International Wine Competition platinum medal for the Jacob’s Creek Barossa Reserve Riesling 2012 has pushed the iconic brand in to the landmark moment, highlighting the outstanding quality that Jacob’s Creek wines have maintained since the brand’s launch in 1976.

Brett McKinnon, Managing Director of Orlando Wines said, “We are very proud of this achievement which reflects the dedication we put into everything we do at Jacob’s Creek. Our True Character crusade is inherent in our people, and 7,000 award wins is testament to the fact that we have always stayed true to our heritage and passion for making great tasting wine.

Chief Winemaker, Bernard Hickin, who has been a winemaker at Orlando since 1976 said, “Winning 7,000 show awards is a strong affirmation of the quality of Jacob’s Creek wines. This milestone greatly rewards the effort and care we take with our wines at every level.

Critics Platinum medals are reserved for wines nominated for Best of Show. All judges at the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition participated in the tasting evaluation and voted.

The most highly awarded wine in the Jacob’s Creek portfolio over the past five years was the 2001 Johann Shiraz Cabernet which has earned a total of 21 trophies/golds (2). This was the inaugural vintage of the brand’s pinnacle wine which is named after the founder of the winery Johann Gramp. 

Jacob’s Creek is one of Australia’s leading wine brands, offering quality contemporary Australian wine styles with great varietal expression. The brand was first launched in 1976 and is named after a creek that runs through the renowned Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia. Jacob’s Creek is made by Orlando Wines which was founded by Johann Gramp after he planted his first vines on the banks of Jacob’s Creek in 1847, and thus began a tradition of winemaking over 165 years ago.

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Jacob’s Creek™ is one of Australia’s leading global wine brands, offering quality contemporary wine styles with great varietal expression. Having earned over 7,000 medals at wine shows over the last 30 years, Jacob’s Creek wines are trusted by consumers for their genuine quality. Every Jacob’s Creek wine is created with consumers and their evolving tastes in mind. Led by Chief Winemaker Bernard Hickin, great care is taken by each of the skilled and passionate individuals behind the brand, to deliver the highest quality wines possible within each range.

The brand was first launched in 1976 and is named after a creek that runs through the renowned Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia. Jacob’s Creek is rooted in 165 years of winemaking tradition, which began when Johann Gramp planted the Barossa Valley’s first commercial vineyard on the banks of Jacob’s Creek in 1847. In doing so, Johann founded the Gramp & Sons business and began a history of winemaking innovation that continues today.

Still based in the Barossa Valley - with the Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre and the main winery within 2km of the original site - Jacob’s Creek sources grapes from across South Eastern Australia including premium South Australian regions such as Coonawarra, Langhorne Creek, Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills. Jacob’s Creek pursues its commitment to the environment by restoring biodiversity along the creek; reducing packaging; using lighter weight bottles; recycling winery water as well as ambitious targets for energy savings, waste reduction and sustainable farming. In 2011 Jacob’s Creek was ranked the top Australian wine brand (and third overall) in the World’s Most Admired Wine brands in Drinks International magazine, and was recognised as the world’s most awarded winery* in 2008 by the World Association of Wine-writers and Journalists.

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At Jacob’s Creek, quality comes from having high standards in everything we do. As always with wine, quality starts in the vineyard, and an important aspect that differentiates Jacob’sCreek is our focus and dedication at this critical stage. Our grape purity standards are among the highest in the industry, and we work closely with our growers to achieve these each vintage.

Our viticulture team makes multiple trips to all the vineyards commencing 3-4 months before harvest begins, and every single vineyard that we source grapes from is visited and assessed by one of our winemakers during vintage. In fact, we give every block equal attention, regardless of whether the grapes are destined for our Classic range or for our icon wine ‘Johann’. It is one of the reasons that Jacob’s Creek wines have always delivered excellent quality at every price point. After harvest it is the winemaker’s job to ensure that all the hard work done in the vineyard is reflected in the bottle. Here the talent and combined experience of the winemaking team is vital, requiring incredible attention-to-detail and thousands of micro decisions ensure the quality of the finished wine. Led by Chief Winemaker Bernard Hickin, who has been with Jacob’s Creek since 1976, the team is focused on delivering attractive varietal wines of the highest possible quality every vintage.

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We dedicate significant effort to ensure the freshness of Jacob’s Creek wines. This meanspicking the fruit at optimal ripeness, delivering it rapidly to the winery, monitoring it through fermentation, and then storing the wine in controlled conditions until it is ready to bottle. The use of screw-caps helps ensure that the wine which reaches the customer is as fresh and bright as it was when it was made. Elegance comes from restraint in fruit selection and judicious use of oak. Our winemakers prefer fruit that is perfectly ripe in terms of flavour and tannin profiles, rather than pursuing maximum sugar ripeness. Our focus has always been on making balanced wines, so the oak should, support the fruit intensity not over-whelm it.

The result is wines that taste great, with the varietal flavour of the fruit shining through. True varietal character Staying true to your character is inherent to the Jacob’s Creek philosophy. We celebrate the individual character of each grape variety – the unique combination of aromas, flavours and texture that make Shiraz wine taste like Shiraz grapes, or Chardonnay like Chardonnay grapes. During the growing season our viticulture team works with our growers to nurture the vines to fully develop its varietal flavours. Our winemakers taste the fruit in the vineyard, and make the decision to pick it on the day it has achieved its optimal varietal character. Then they focus on retaining all those characteristics throughout the winemaking process, using special yeasts and fermentation regimes to maximise varietal expression. That is why we proudly label our Classic wines with their varietal names – each is a true reflection of the grape varietyon the label.

For our ‘Reserve’ wines, we source grapes from those regions that are best for growing particular varieties, delivering even more distinct varietal character.



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Inside information

1837 Bavarian immigrant, Johann Gramp, arrives at Reeve’s Point on Kangaroo Island, on the vessel named “The Solway”.

1847 Johann Gramp plant the Barossa Valley’s first commercial vineyard on the banks of Jacob’s Creek.

1850 Johann Gramp builds the original Gramp family winery at Jacob’s Creek.

1877 Gustav Gramp (son of Johann Gramp) relocates the winery to its present site at Rowland Flat and extends and improves the property.

1912 The family business is registered under the company name of G. Gramp & Sons.

1947 The first 100 years of the business is celebrated with the planting of a Moreton Bay Fig tree at a site now name ‘Centenary Hill’, overlooking Jacob’s Creek.

1950 Pressure vessel and temperature controlled fermentation is introduced first into Australia at the G Gramp & Sons’ Rowland Flat winery, a catalyst for many of the modern winemaking techniques that are used in Australia today.

1962 Steingarten Riesling vineyard is first established, up high in the Barossa ranges, using high density viticultural techniques inspired by vineyards in Germany.

1968 Steingarten Riesling is first launched with the 1967 vintage.

1976 Jacob’s Creek™ brand is launched with a

1973 vintage blend of Shiraz, Cabernet and Malbec.

1976 Jacob’s Creek rapidl becomes one of Australia’s most popular red wines.

1984 Jacob’s Creek Riesling is launched, the first white varietal for the brand. Jacob’s Creek is first exported to the UK.

1989 Pernod Ricard acquires the business (then named ‘Orlando Wines’).

1990 Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay is launched and quickly becomes one of Australia’s top selling white wines.

1993 Jacob’s Creek wins the Australian Exporter of the Year award - the first time that a winery has won the award.

1994 Jacob’s Creek wins the Maurice O’Shea Award for outstanding contribution to the Australian wine industry. The first and only time a brand has received this award rather than an individual or organisation.

1996 Centenary Hill Shiraz is launched with the 1993 vintage.

1997 The business celebrates its 150th anniversary, and to mark the occasion a Moreton Bay fig tree is planted at the front entrance of the Jacob’s Creek Heritage Vineyard.

1998 Jacob’s Creek first Sparkling wine,Chardonnay Pinot Noir is launched.

2000 Jacob’s Creek ‘Reserve’ range is launched.

2002 Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre is opened.

2006 Jacob’s Creek celebrates its 30th anniversary. The first ‘Johann’ Shiraz Cabernet is released with the 2001 vintage to honour the founder Johann Gramp.

2008 Named the 2008 World’s most awarded winery by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists on WAWWJ.com based on results in wine shows during 2007/2008

2009 Jacob’s Creek adds Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc varietal wines to its Classic range. Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato is launched in Australia.

2010 Bernard Hickin takes the reins as Chief Winemaker, taking over from Philip Laffer Jacob’s Creek Reserve range becomes appellated by region. Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre is entered into South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

2011 Jacob’s Creek is third in ‘World’s Most Admired Wine brands’ by Drinks International magazine. Jacob’s Creek ‘Cool Harvest’ range of light and fresh wines is launched in Australia.

2012 Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre celebrates its 10th Anniversary and wins the 2011 Qantas Australia Tourism Awards for Best Tourism Restaurant and Best Tourism Winery.

2013 Jacob’s Creek launches ‘Wah’, a new white wine blend to match Japanese cuisine, in Japan, then Thailand and Sweden. Jacob’s Creek launches its first organic wine range in Finland, named ‘Earth.Vine.Grape.’ Jacob’s Creek launches ‘Twin Pickings’ range, varietal wines with a dash of Moscato Bianco, in Australia. Jacob’s Creek launches Lamoon, a new red wine blend created to complement Thai cuisine, in Thailand

2014 Jacob’s Creek launches Wah red blend created to complement meat dishes in Japanese cuisine, in Japan. Jacob’s Creek launches its new brand identity, with an exciting new logo and packaging design, the most significant enhancement since 1976. Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel, a range of reds finished in aged whisk(e)y barrels,is launched in Australia.

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31 different wines with 63 vintages

Winemaking since 1847

  • Bernard Hickin

    Chief Winemaker
    “Walking in, I remember the aroma of the reds fermenting, the vibrant purple colour of the redcaps … it was just like being in another world…”


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 Ken Gargett, Wine Writer (Australia)  tasted  4 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  33 wines 

De Bortoli ‘Riorret’ ‘Lusatia Park’ Pinot Noir 2016 / This exciting Yarra Valley vineyard does Pinot Noir as well as it does Chardonnay, perhaps even more so. This is a cracker. Plums, earth, slightly sappy notes with some animal skin complexity. Licorice and dark fruits. Satiny tannins and excellent length. This is no simple Pinot; this is seriously good. Should age well for a decade or more. 

Score: 95/100

16d 21h ago

 Stuart Robinson, Wine Blogger (Australia)  tasted  1 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  13 wines 

d'Arenberg's 2013 icon releases have been a stunning return to form. Whilst previous releases (see: Ironstone Pressings, Coppermine Road, Dead Arm) have been good, they - for me - have not quite nudged the Very Good/ Excellent realms. I've oft wondered - and as excellent as the initiative is - what impact Scarce Earth bottlings may have had on these icon releases.

This is good, very good. Ironstone, earth; sanguine, plum, blackcurrant, herb inflected, ferrous - almost wild. The tannin structure - impressive, dominating from the middle third. Oak is present, carrying licorice to its conclusion. Just give it time. 94 

27d 18h ago

 Jacob's Creek  has news

Jacob’s Creek appoints new winemaker / Jacob’s Creek Chief Winemaker Ben Bryant today an  more ...

1y 2m ago

 Gagan Sharma / Sommelier, Sommelier (India)  tasted  1 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  21 wines 

“Parker Coonawarra Terra Rossa CB 1996. The 1996 vintage showed aromas of cassis, coffee and truffles against a fat texture of sweet tannins and already round, rich fruit. This very concentrated and superbly balanced wine offered flavours of vanilla, earth and blackberries. Long and very intense finish. This was a charming and very promising wine. 92 points”

1y 3m ago

 Juha Lihtonen, Sommelier (Finland)  tasted  2 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  22 wines 

“Alkon uutuudet tarjosivat pitkästä aikaan muutamia mainioita viinejä. Parhaana vakiovalikoiman uutuutena pidin Espanjan Bierzosta tulevaa Dominio de Taresin Cepas Viejas Menciaa (90p). Erittäin nautinnollinen viini jo nyt, mutta paranee vielä noin viiden vuoden varastoinnin myötä. Tommasin puolikkaassa pullossa Alkoon tullut mehevä Amarone Tommasilta (89p) istuu tuhtien punaviinin ystävien suuhun täydellisesti. Positiivisia tuttavuuksia olivat myöskin mausteinen portugalilainen Tyto Alba (87p), hienon luonteikas saksalainen Nett Sauvignon Blanc Pfalzista (87p) ja Martinezin pähkinäisen makea Marsala Riserva (88p).

Tilausvalikoimasta löytyi kuitenkin tastingin parhaat viinit - Louis Roedererin elegantti ja pienten tuotantomäärien Rosé Brut 2009 (90p), Chilen ykkös-syrah-viini Montes Folly vuosikerrallaan 2010 (91p) ja viinimaailman Midasin, viinintekijä Michel Rollandin, Le Défi de Fontenil 2009 (92p) Bordeaux'sta. Tämä viini hurmaa kenet tahansa! ”

2y 7m ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  33 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  32 wines 

“Wonderfull Jacob's Creek tasting with the Chief Winemaker Bernard Hickin at Barossa Valley.”

2y 8m ago

 Ken Gargett, Wine Writer (Australia)  tasted  2 wines  from  Jacob's Creek . In a tasting of  45 wines 

“My results from the Fine 'Best of Australia' competition (still to add the William Downie Pinot to the system). A fascinating event and huge thanks to Pekka for instigating it. Look for the full story in a forthcooming isssue of the magazine.”

4y 1m ago

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Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016, Jacob's Creek
Noble Reserve NV (10's), Kracher
Foggy Hill Pinot Noir 2016, Tapanappa
Château d´Ampuis 2012, E.Guigal