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For Domaines Jaboulet the 2008 Vintage has been THE MOST DEMANDING vintage ever: the weather conditions have compelled us to exercise exceptional precision in vine cultivation, but also great responsiveness.
As the early summer was not very sunny, the ripening of the grapes was held up significantly. In early September, torrential rainfalls disrupted the harvest. We then acted to deal with this highly unusual situation. In order to rescue the healthy, mature grapes, we carried out selective sorting of vineyards. So a large proportion of the harvest was sacrificed.

The harvest began on 10th September with the Croze Hermitage whites in the Sylvia plot. Rigorous sorting was undertaken so as to ensure that only the very best mature and healthy grapes made it into our winery. 
As we do each year, we ended this year’s harvest with the Domaine de Saint Pierre (Cornas) grapes, picked on 10th October at the same time as the Domaine de Roure (Crozes Hermitage).

In addition to sorting in the vineyard, at the winery a team of 25 people were arranged around 4 sorting tables. Then, after stemming, two vibrating tables allowed us to eliminate the remaining stalks and pinkish grapes.
The demanding work in the vineyards and the managerial precision required of the wine-making process for this complicated vintage has produced low yields. However, the gustatory goal has been achieved: concentrated and highly-coloured wines with fine, persistent tannins. The density of the vintage resides in its rich, meaty character. Ultimately very non-acidic, these are balanced wines that are surely destined to resemble those of the 2001 vintage.

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For nearly two hundred years, the hillsides of Hermitage have jealously guarded the secret of a meeting that was to be the start of an extraordinary story… In 1834, Antoine Jaboulet (1807 - 1864) started working the land in this region thereby linking his destiny with that of this fertile terroir. By dint of hard work and passion, his vines were to provide him with a wine of exceptional quality, to be perpetuated by his sons, Paul and Henri. It was Paul who then gave his name to the business. Since then, the generations have continued to succeed one another. The Frey family, longstanding winemakers in Champagne and owners of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux, acquired Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné in January 2006, thus adding to its portfolio of prestigious names. Frédéric Jaboulet shares the Frey family’s passion for excellence. La Chapelle, which is situated on the hillside of l’Hermitage, looks out over the Rhône Valley. During the 13th century, the Chevalier de Stérimberg made it his home on his return from the crusades. Later still, it became the source of the family’s flagship wine, l’Hermitage La Chapelle. The 1961 vintage would be classed among the Twelve mythical bottles of the 20th century, and a small number of bottles and magnums are still kept by Jaboulet and in a few cellars elsewhere in the world…

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For nearly two centuries, Jaboulet has been producing wines that represent generations of hard work and a passion for excellence. In order to perpetuate these values, Jaboulet adheres to an unswerving commitment to improving vineyards, through strategic acquisitions and work in the cellars, while respecting the environment at the same time. A great wine is born from the vine The company’s hundred or so hectares of vineyards are tended with the greatest possible care. In the northern estates of the Côtes du Rhône, the wide diversity of terroirs and the influence of micro-climates favours the production of Syrah. This is the principle variety, and the sole red grape, grown by Paul Jaboulet Aîné, while Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier are used for the white wines. This provides the wines of each appellation with a well-defined personality.


Paul Jaboulet Aîné favours traditional vineyard husbandry. Yields are restricted to between 25 and 35 hectolitres per hectare from vines that are on average 40 years old, with the most illustrious being nearly 80 years old. Canopy management, crop thinning, pruning and harvesting are all carried out by hand. Ancestral methods such as the use of hand winches and stake training of vines are still used, all of which requires a skilled, experienced workforce. When they have reached optimal maturity, the grapes are hand-harvested into 20kg crates to keep them in as good condition as possible. The company is currently undergoing sustainable agriculture qualification, which restricts the use of herbicides in the soil, favours organic fertilisers to encourage the development of micro-organisms, and allows the vines to thrust their roots deep into the ground. The vines consequently benefit from the natural and varied nourishment of the soil.

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This background means that the Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné winemaking team must work tirelessly, using the ancestral methods of the past to move into the future. Respecting the fruit in order to achieve perfection The quality of the grapes is of the utmost importance for creating great wines. They are hand-harvested when they have reached optimum maturity. The hand-picking is carried out scrupulously, and the grapes are placed into ventilated 20kg crates. The lengthy vinification process then reveals the wine’s character. The team, comprising in-house oenologists, in close collaboration with Caroline Frey and Denis Dubourdieu, taste and analyse the juice throughout this time, so as to ensure that exceptional wines are produced.


The company’s savoir-faire is combined with both tradition and modernity. When the red grapes arrive at the winery, they are sorted by hand, destemmed and crushed. Pre-fermentation maceration takes place in vat to encourage the development of the wine’s fruit aromas. Alcoholic fermentation then converts the sugar into alcohol and extracts the tannins and colour, so as to obtain a balanced structure in the mouth and a deep red colour. Malolactic fermentation then refines the aromas and structures. The wines are then blended, which is a decisive stage in creating great wines, and matured in 225-litre casks for between 12 and 24 months, depending on the vintage, in the renowned VINEUM caves. The white grapes are cold-pressed to ensure freshness, which will guarantee that the wines develop well over time. During malolactic fermentation, the lees are stirred by hand so as to obtain complex aromas. The wines then age in barrel until the beginning of summer. After bottling, the wine may also remain in our cellars for several more years before release.

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Wine Moments

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 Georg Linde, Wine Writer (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  19 wines 

Dominus Estate 1987 - "One of the best cabernet blends I had for some time. A fabulous bottle. Blackberry, plums, tannins still very present, will easily live for another five years." 97 points

11d 21h ago

 John Kapon / CEO / Ackerr Merrall & Condit, Pro (United States)  tasted  3 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  29 wines 

The last of our Bacchanalian extravaganza found us at Per Se, for lunch. Noon is about the minimum recovery time after an evening full of many (many) wines, and thankfully we had a lot of experience at the table. Everybody was ready to go, although I must confess that first glass of welcome Champagne was not easy going down.

14d 1h ago

 John Kapon / CEO / Ackerr Merrall & Condit, Pro (United States)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  20 wines 

Cardboard was the first thing that I noticed in the nose of the 2004 Pavillon Rouge du Margaux, in the best way possible and not in a corked way, I should add. Coffee, roasted nut and cassis were all secondary, with pinches of earth blending into the coffee. Tertiary aromas of cedar and fir spice emerged in this round and tender wine. The palate was earthy with that gout de terroir, possessing candle wax flavors and a very dry finish, typical of the vintage. I remembered this wine being more impressive at the winery, but then again doesn’t it always taste better there? Gil insisted that the white was so good, it knocked down the ’04 a notch or two.

1m 12d ago

 Dhruv Sawhney, Wine Lover (India)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  14 wines 

Vintage 1961 tasting with Mouton, Lafleur, Petrus, Latour, La Chapelle, Palmer etc.

3m 10d ago

 Georg Linde, Wine Writer (Germany)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  9 wines 

Bond Quella 2006 "What a wine. Laser like precision, an unreal elegance and lightness for Californian Cabernet. I enjoyed this wine tremendously. Will be remembered for a long time."

3m 16d ago

 John Kapon / CEO / Ackerr Merrall & Condit, Pro (United States)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  15 wines 

Roumier is one of this collector’s favorite producers, and the auction will feature over 120 lots of his wines dating back to 1923!!! This magnum was an other-worldly experience. The wine had an incredible nose, Roumier all the way with its roses, spice, beef, cedar, minerals, cocoa powder and incredible spine, tannins and alcohol. Wowowow! Its intense leather flavors were S & M worthy, and there was enough acidity in this magnum for most cases!!! Dalia picked up some exotic ‘watermelon,’ and it was right on the money (as she usually is), although I was quick to point out that it was closer to the rind than the super sweet quality of the fruit. For someone that is not a regular drinker (I am working on that), I must admit she has some of the best innate senses that I have come across. She is the type of woman that wars are started over. Secondary flavors of rose and beef emerged, and its slate and minerality were enough to get Flintstone on the job. Incredible stuff

4m 2d ago

 Pekka Nuikki / Founder of the Fine Wine Magazines, Pro (Finland)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  23 wines 

Last evening was a real " Voyage autour du monde" along with the top 24 wines that wine countries can offer, and there was only four of us enjoying them...Unfortunately, quite a lot of bottles remained half empty, but not the Petrus 2003, Cheval Blanc 1947, Screaming Eagle 1999, Pingus 1995, Haut-Brion Blanc 1995, Lafleur 1996 etc.

4m 25d ago

 Amanda Lund, Wine Collector (Finland)  tasted  12 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  12 wines 

Hermitage La Chapelle tasting from 1976 to 2012 at Jaboulet.

5m 30d ago

 Paulius Gruodis, Pro (Lithuania)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  10 wines 

Yesterday had an interesting tasting of Nicolas Potel's new negociant project called Maison Roche de Bellene and the launch of his Collection Bellenum which is an impressive range of rare and old vintages dating back from 1959. In fact this particular collection is the result of a strict selection of old wines exceptionnaly released from the wine cellars of some of the most famous Burgundy producers. For instance, in 2009, Nicolas Potel has tasted more than 500 old wines in order to only select 40 unique cuvées

6m 22d ago

 Omar Khan, Wine Writer (United States)  tasted  3 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  5 wines 

Hermitage La Chapelle 1961 / Like returning to Lourdes hoping for another miracle and then being transfixed as it takes place! A scented, sainted marvel of wine making, a riot of blackberry, Syrah "syrup", the telltale soy and hoisin, flirtatiously expressive, sheer elegance and a medley of spices. On the palate opening, it is gorgeously complex, with astonishing breadth and intensity, violets, graphite, espresso, a hint of olives, and earthiness. And then, with the food in particular, you have a fragrant mellifluous softness, before the band strikes up again past the mid palate. It has enthralling balance. Amidst the plums and black currant liqueur-like notes almost, it recalls nothing else but a convocation of hedonistic bliss blended with seamless grace.

This is so vigorous and ebullient on the palate massaging, slightly game-tinged finale that it leaves you simply beaming at life. There is no parallel here, other than possibly to take the spice-flecked seduction of the '78 and the polished intensity of the '90 and try to recreate "magic."

This was, once more, prodigious. Compared to the Fall bottle, a wee bit less effulgent in aromatics, every bit as exquisite otherwise. 100 Points+ (the "+" for alternate life form factor)

7m 5d ago

 Jeannie Cho Lee MW, Pro (China)  tasted  1 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  10 wines 


7m 14d ago

 Omar Khan, Wine Writer (United States)  tasted  2 wines  from  Paul Jaboulet & Âiné . In a tasting of  10 wines 

MY TOP 10 WINES OF THE 2016 / La Tache 1959 / A wine of spellbinding appeal, plums, orange, game, roses, smokiness, all swirl enchantingly on the glorious bouquet. Depth, power and complexity envelop the palate on the opening, caramel and earth serenade the mid palate, segueing into pure velvet and silk. Spice, soil and fruit emerge, adding still more texture and appeal to the vinous tapestry here. Cardamom and cedar, the La Tache Oriental spice confection, and there is just a brilliant depth, length and purity to the combination of trumpet blast and violin concerto on the finish, that as those cosseting tannins and mouth perfume haunt your memory thereafter, you know you are in the presence of a masterpiece. 98-99 Points

7m 19d ago

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