BWW- Best Wines of the 1980’s -Competition's winners have been selected!

Best Champagne is Dom Pérignon P3 1988 Rosé

First time ever, a whole decade was included in to the BWW-competition. 

In the Finals, 250 best wines from vintages 1980-1989, chosen by tastingbook.com and FINE Wine Magazine's wine professionals, were evaluated and ranked as blind by the panels of 24 professionals coming from Australia, India, USA, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Norway and Finland (selected Judges from over 8000 tastingbook.com pros: wine writers, bloggers, MW's. wine makers etc.)

The Best Champagne of the 1980’s -title was given to the Dom Pérignon P3 1988 Rosé


1.Dom Pérignon P3 1988 Rosé Magnum (Champagne) 98p


2.Krug Clos du Mesnil 1989 (Champagne) 97p 

3.Dom Perignon P3 1982 (Champagne) 97p 

4.Piper-Heidsieck Rare 1988 (Champagne) 97p 

5.Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas Francois 1986 (Champagne) 97p

6.Dom Pérignon P3 1985 (Champagne) 97p 

7.Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1985 (Champagne) 97p

8.Roederer Cristal 1982 (Champagne) 97p

9.Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millénaires 1985 (Champagne) 97p

10.Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Nicolas Francois 1982 (Champagne) 97p

11.Krug Vintage Champagne 1988 (Champagne) 96p

12.Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 1988 Magnum (Champagne) 96p

13.Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs 1988 (Champagne) 96p

14.Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection 1982 Magnum (Champagne) 96p

15.Veuve Clicquot Cave Privée 1989 (Champagne) 96p

16.Taittinger Collection 1985 (Champagne) 96p

17.Piper-Heidsieck de Sauvage 1982 (Champagne) 96p

18.Drappier Brut Carte D’ Or 1986 (Champagne) 95p

19.Veuve Clicquot Cavé Privée 1982 Magnum (Champagne) 95p

20.Henriot Rosé Millesime 1985 (Champagne) 95p


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BWW 2023 - Best Wine of the World competition



BWW- The Best Wine of the World 2023 -competition

"We believed the opinion of 10,000 consumers or 1,000 professionals to be more correct and more significant than a small group of wine professionals.”


BWW-The Best Wine of the World-competition is by far the toughest wine competition on this planet. Unlike any other industry competition, less than 1% of the wines involved will be awarded. 

BWW is also the largest wine competition: The BWW competition 2021 was held in the world's largest wine information service - tastingbook.com. 21,556 wines received in total 3,569,711 votes from 349,000 wine professionals and wine lovers from 116 countries during the three months voting period.