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The prestigious BWW2023 competition unfolded like an epic symphony of taste, where the world's finest red wines danced on the palates of wine enthusiasts and experts alike. With more than 7,900 contenders from all corners of the globe, this was a wine extravaganza like no other.

Picture it: the sun-kissed vineyards, rolling hills, and the anticipation in the air as wine aficionados eagerly awaited the verdict of 67 finalists. The wines, cloaked in mystery, were tasted twice blind by a panel of 23 professional tasters hailing from 9 different countries. It was a global spectacle of flavor and finesse.

When the dust had settled and the wine glasses emptied, there was one wine that emerged as the crown jewel, the pièce de résistance of the competition. Château Haut-Brion 2019, a wine of unparalleled elegance and depth, was awarded as the Best Red Wine of the World. Its rich, velvety texture and harmonious notes had captivated the discerning palates of the judges, leaving an indelible mark.

Not far behind, the Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 claimed second place, a symphony of flavors that left an enduring impression. Third place was gracefully taken by Cheval Blanc 2018, a wine that embodied the essence of Bordeaux's grandeur.

The fourth and fifth spots on the podium were dominated by the Napa Valley, a region that showcased its prowess. Harlan Estate 2019 and Screaming Eagle 2019, both from Napa Valley, captivated the judges with their bold and opulent personalities, demonstrating why this Californian wine haven remains unrivaled.

Napa Valley emerged as the star of the show, accounting for over 30% of the accolades. It was a testament to the region's commitment to crafting world-class wines that continue to redefine the boundaries of excellence.

Yet, the competition was not without its surprises. The Chinese Ao Yun 2019 and Italian Monteverro 2019, wines that defied expectations, stood proudly as China and Italy's best red wines, proving that the world of wine is ever-evolving and full of delightful surprises.

As the curtain fell on the red wine extravaganza, anticipation soared for the unveiling of the world's best white wines and dessert wines - those winners will be released before X-Mas. 

And before the year's end, the list of the world's finest champagnes would add the final crescendo to this symphony of taste, promising a grand finale to a year of unparalleled wine excellence.


Read the results here!


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