BWW2024 Reveals Top Wine Critics

- a total of 1.6 million votes were cast!

The wait is over as the spotlight shines on the crème de la crème of the wine world – the esteemed wine critics chosen in the BWW2024 (Best Wine Critic of the World) competition. This unique event stands alone as the ultimate platform for recognizing the globe's finest wine critics, where the victors are determined through a democratic process of voting on tastingbook.com.

Every tastingbook.com user had the power to cast one vote, making the selection process democratic and inclusive. With 80% of the voters being wine professionals, the results are a testament to the current perceptions of critic expertise, impartiality, and integrity within the wine community.
This year's competition witnessed an unprecedented surge in participation, with over 1.6 million votes pouring in from 112 countries. The race was fiercely competitive, with the top spot changing hands multiple times throughout the voting period.
Jancis Earns World's Best Title Deservedly!

Claiming the title of the world's best critic is none other than the illustrious Jancis Robinson MW from United Kingdom. Renowned for her illustrious career and unwavering impartiality, Robinson's victory resonates worldwide. Surprisingly, over 70% of her votes hailed from outside Europe, particularly from America, underscoring her global appeal.

Markus del Monego MW Steps Into the Spotlight!
In a surprising turn of events, the second-place spot went to Markus del Monego MW, a German critic who also holds the title of World's Best Sommelier. Del Monego's clear and professional reviews, coupled with his down-to-earth approach, garnered widespread acclaim. His victory was particularly celebrated by the tastingbook community, as he has been a trusted member on the platform since its inception. The majority of his votes, 75%, came from Europe, with the remainder from Asia and America.
Securing the third-place position is Korean American Wine Critic Jeannie Cho Lee MW. Lee's comprehensive and professional wine assessments earned her high praise, with a significant portion of her votes originating from Asia and America.

Erin Larkin Surprisingly Tops as Australia's Wine Critic!
In this very male-dominated field, women performed exceptionally well in this year's competition, claiming the top spots in rankings 1, 3, 6, 12, and 13. Australian wine critic Erin Larkin, making her debut in the competition, surprised many by outshining established Australian critics and securing the 12th position. Larkin, the youngest finalist, recently joined Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, having been a part of tastingbook for 8 years.
Other notable climbers include French critic Michel Bettane (4), Swedish critic Richard Juhlin (9), American critic Jeff Leve (10), German critic Axel Probst (15), and Danish critic Izak Litwar (22). However, some well-known critics experienced a decline in rankings compared to previous years, indicating a shifting landscape in the world of wine criticism.
As independent critics emerge triumphant in 2024, tastingbook had the opportunity to interview the award recipients on the challenges of being a critic, their influences, and the role of artificial intelligence in future wine assessments. Their insightful responses are featured alongside their introductions.
Tastingbook extends heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and finalists, each of whom has earned their place among the best of the best. Cheers to their continued contributions to the world of wine criticism!




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