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Château Latour decided to release the Grand Vin de Château Latour 2000 and Les Forts de Latour 2009 onto the market.

 For the last three years we have been selecting wines from our cellars that we think will best satisfy our clients and connoisseurs of the Estate. 

This year we have decided to offer the Grand Vin de Château Latour 2000 and Les Forts de Latour 2009.

Château Latour 2000 is a giant of a wine that evolves slowly. After 16 years of ageing, this wine is subtle, elegant and concentrated, yet is just starting to open up and reveal its full complexity. With excellent cellaring potential, this wine lives up to the expectations it raised in its infancy. For this release, we are offering the totality of stock still available at the Estate. 

2009 was a wonderfully hot and sunny year which produced wines with a magical charm and impressive structure. Forts de Latour 2009 is a fleshy, elegant and complex wine with an incredible expression of ripe fruits. Having reached its first stage of maturity, this wine can already be thoroughly enjoyed whilst retaining excellent cellaring possibilities. 

These two wines will be released onto the market at the end of March exclusively via a selection of wine merchants from La Place de Bordeaux. They will join the Pauillac de Château Latour 2010 which was released at the beginning of the year.

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The Story

The chateau makes three different wines. The so-called grand vin, that is Château Latour itself, a second wine called Les Forts de Latour and a third wine simply called Pauillac. The grand vin comes from the original part of the vineyards, called the Enclos. This is the most prestigious part of the vineyard where the vines have a fine view of the Gironde estuary. The tradition in Bordeaux says that vines that overlook the water make the best wine. The proximity to the estuary actually gives a slightly higher temperature, helping the grapes to good maturity. The Enclos is around 45 hectares out of a total of 88 for the whole estate.

The grape varieties are 75 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 23 % Merlot, 1 % Cabernet Franc and 1 % of Petit Verdot. The planting density is high, 10,000 vines per hectare. Every year the chateau’s viticulturist replaces a certain number of dead vines. These young vines are marked and treated separately. They are harvested separately and they are not used in the grand vin until they are at least 10 years old.

The Enclos is under conversion to organic farming since 2015. It takes three years to be certified so it means that we will see the first organic Château Latour in 2018. Only copper and sulfur, mixed with different plant infusions, are used to fight diseases in the vineyard. Instead of insecticides they use sexual confusion. Only organic fertilizers are used when needed and no herbicides.

The barrel aging starts in December. Château Latour is put in 100 % new oak from the Allier and Nièvre forest in the central part of France. The chateau works with 11 different coopers. This is important to the winemaker as the coopers all have different styles.


The wine spends six months in the first year cellar where it will also undergo the malolactic fermentation. The barrels are tasted regularly and the winemaker decides the blend for the grand vin, the second wine and the third wine. He decides if the press wine should be included or not. The wine is then moved to the huge and magnificent second-year cellar where it will spend 10-13 months, so in total around 22 months of aging before it is bottled. 2014 was bottled in June this year. During the barrel aging the wine is racked and topped up regularly, every 3 months. At the end, the wine is fined traditionally with egg whites, 5-6 whites per barrel.

Château Latour is often a textbook example of a Cabernet Sauvignon. No wonder, as often almost 90 % of the wine is made from this grape. It is a powerful wine in its youth, with aromas of cedar wood and black fruit, made even more powerful with the aging in 100 % new oak barrels. It is packed with fruit and tannins and it stays young for at least 10 years. This is a wine you really should wait for, say 10-15 year or longer. It needs time to show what it is capable of.

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Vintage 2000


Weather conditions / Vintage 2000 has from the very start been proclaimed as one of the best vintages of modern times. In spring 2003, I've had many opportunities to find out, if we really have a true dream vintage in our hands.

During harvest 2000, while doing "personal inspection" in the vineyards, I noticed that something extraordinary big was on its way. Grapes looked extremely healthy.

While sorting table was rolling, I observed, that there were few leaves, stalks and weeds among the grapes. That's why sorting out grapes went so easy and quick. It must be one of hallmarks of 2000 vintage, because normally even the great vintages require a lot of work at sorting table.


2000 vintage is classic, extravagant and extremely long-lived Bordeaux with dark, extremely dense wines, which have enormous concentration of fruit, length and superbly concentrated tannin. The tannin is not allowed to dominate, because it's well wrapped up by fruit. A scent of sub-maturity is only present in few wines. One of this vintage's trademarks is an intense and deep aroma of dark berries, like blueberries, blackberries and black cherries.

All red grape varieties reached perfect maturity, including Bordeaux' most capricious and unruly grape variety, Petit Verdot. Petit Verdot gives the much meeded contribution of backbone and power to the wines.

Also the grapes for whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle, did ripe perfectly and produced tremendously fine dry white wines. Sweet white wines turned unfortunately to be a few light, elegant and charming wines, which were based 100% on September pickings. Beginning on the 11th October, it rained heavily in Bordeaux and it continued until the end of the year.

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Average Bottle Price

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2005
834€ +2.1% 817€ -10.4% 912€ -2.4% 934€ +1.7% 918€ -22.7% 1 187€ +25.6% 945€ +202.9% 312€

This data comes from the FINE Auction Index, a composite of average prices for wines sold at commercial auctions in 20 countries. The average prices from each year have been collected since 1990. This chart plots the index value of the average price of the wines.

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Medium and Ruby red


Long, Lingering and Extensive


Raspberry, Cherry, Honey, Blackberry, Mint and Vanilla


Intense, Opulent, Refined and Fresh




Complex, Well-structured, Perfectly balanced, Full-bodied, Rich, Vigor, Ripe and Silky tannins


Transparent and Outstanding

Written Notes

The 2000 Latour, however, was appropriately served last in this superlative flight. ‘Is that a powerful wine or what?’ Someone rhetorically asked. It was a penetrating beast, sinus-clearing with its t ‘n a, along with aromas of cement, cedar and a touch of milkshake. Rich, concentrated and dense, the Latour was the biggest wine of the evening and also the thickest and the longest. Game emerged in this behemoth of a wine. It reminded me of that Kayne West song where the chorus goes, ‘bigger, longer, faster, stronger.’ While I am hesitant to give young wines scores in the 98 and 99 point territory because my convictions are that those scores are for wines that stand the test of time, the 2000 Latour left me no choice
  • 98p

A blackberry hue, with scents of rich leather, cooked caramel, berries and forest floor. Youthfully forward on the palate, supple and appealing with rich concentration. Tannins are abundant, yet fine, and persist throughout a layering of textural sensation. The richness of this wine correlates with the fine dust of the Bordeaux soils. Finish expresses oak (French barrel) and Latour fruit-forward impressions. This wine is  tannic, rich and squared off by our signature suppleness.

  • 98p

Impressive deep, dark colour; the wines have a powerful, balanced structure. The dense structures and the qualities of the tannins may be superior to those of the 96 and 90 vintage. The balance of the Grand Vin combines class, rigour, complexity and great finesse in the fruit.

Château Latour 2000 - 98 points / Dark and quite thick in texture with glossy colour and a bright crimson rim, the wine has very ripe Cabernet aromas, some sweetness and floral notes but all is quite packed if fresh; lovely spice and great black fruit flavours on the silky attack; very powerful, without being extracted; tannic intensity in the finish and lots of structure and power there. Will last forever.

  • 98p

Presented with this stunning vintage by Artemis Group’s (owner of Chateau Latour), President, Patricia Barbizet, I found it to be an exceptionally great wine with fresh, lavishly rich character, freshness and dark, inky purity. A truly exceptional vintage. 100 pts

  • 100p

You have cassis, minerals and a hint of chocolate on the nose. Already as it opens you experience the burgeoning inner mouth complexity, along with cassis, a touch of licorice, and graphite. There is such composure at the mid palate, a charming depth of flavor, mulberries along with sweet, fairly soft, creamy tannins. There is lovely, fresh acidity, the wine is graciously textured. You then get spices, plums and cherries as it gathers itself for a beautifully polished, persistent finish, showing off the lovely core of fruit with engaging harmony. 95 Points+

  • 95p

Château Latour 2000 / 100 -points /Consistent notes. Almost black red. A breathless wine with extremely intense aroma of perfectly ripe blackcurrants and blueberries. Ultra concentrated berries with delightful lusciousness on the palate. Extravagantly deep, extravagantly strong structure and impressive width. Angels sing! Sure bet to cellar it in at least 30 years from now on. This was in March 2006. 10 years later - monster wine with fascinating nose of truffles, so fat on the palate that it can be cut in slices, almost oily texture, incredible richness, complexity and sophisticated touch. 50+ years to live out the dream. A fantastic tribute to the vintage!

  • 100p
Nose solid and firm, quite tight, very fine and elegant, hiding lots of power and complexity, fruit on palate solid, weighty tannins very youthful, great elegance and class, young thoroughbred racehorse. Will age fantastically.
  • 97p
Surprisingly evolved bottle for 2000 with vegetal farmyard aromas mixed with classic pencil shave and violet flavors. Great concentration. Far from delivering its best yet. Cellar it!
  • 90p
Good looking magnum size bottle, in an excellent condition and has by the neck level. Colour is ruby red, deep and youthful . On the nose it is intense, fresh, generous and charming. The taste is fresh, vigor, ripe, fragrant, with silky tannins, full-bodied, with good texture, well-integrated, complex and perfectly balanced structure. On the palate it is layered and has tropical fruits, perfumed, vanilla, blackberry, leather, cigar-box, cedar, mint and dried-fruit flavours. The finish is long, extensive, lingering, pure and vibrant. This wine is transparent, outstanding and fine. I paid around 1k-3k€ a bottle. Perfectly stored bottles are still very worthy and will last well for another 20-30 years and decant at least 2h before tasting. Good value for money.
- (Tasting note created by Tb's AI)
  • 98p
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Pauillac, Bordeaux

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