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The Story

Classed as a Premier Cru in 1855, it is made from grapes selected from the finest terroirs of the property. This wine is hand crafted at every stage of its elaboration and reveals remarkable finesse and complexity and a golden colour reminiscent of the sun that made it possible. With age the bright gold evolves to a dark amber colour.
With an extensive life-span, it powerfully and harmoniously combines fruit and floral aromas with roasted and candied notes.

Its superlative elegance comes from a match of total opposites: a voluptuous texture, mineral freshness and the heat of spices. Château Suduiraut is designed for all those who enjoy sensory and emotional experiences that are both rich and full of surprises and leave a lasting memory.


Wine Information

1928 Château Suduiraut (Preignac)

Simply a few blameless notes from the 1990s, but quite recently proved to be an agreeable surprise to the members of the Vine Club at the year’s first Rare and Fine wine tasting. Old, dusty bottle with a tight capsule and a branded cork, no sign of label whatsoever. Level was high-shoulder.
Decanted 2 hours. Delectable, warm, golden colour. Very rich, honeyed and sound bouquet with apricot and peach flavours. A real charmer – a creamy, soft, crisp and fat wine with all the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth. Superb balance.
The best Suduiraut I have ever tasted. Most of the tasters rated this above Yquem 1945 and Coutet 1921, as did I. This solemn wine seemed to me as perfect now as it was ever likely to get, so don’t be shy, just take pleasure out of this pure gold!


Vintage 1928

The weather conditions in Bordeaux during the 1928 growing season played a pivotal role in shaping the vintage. The year started with a mild winter, followed by a warm and dry spring that allowed for an early budbreak and flowering. 

Bordeaux 1928 Reds: The red wines of Bordeaux from the 1928 vintage are notable for their unique character and their representation of a challenging growing season.

Appearance: The 1928 Bordeaux reds typically exhibit a brick-red to amber color, reflecting their considerable age.

Nose: On the nose, the 1928 Bordeaux reds offer an array of aromas, including dried fruits, tobacco, cedar, and subtle earthy notes. While they may not possess the vibrancy of wines from more exceptional vintages, they are known for their complexity.

Palate: In the mouth, the 1928 Bordeaux reds are characterized by their delicate and often resolved tannins. The wines tend to be lighter in body and lack the depth and concentration found in 1929 vintage. Flavors of dried cherries, currants, and subtle herbal nuances can be discerned.

Overall Impressions: The Bordeaux 1928 vintage is generally regarded as a fine vintage in terms of wine quality. 

For collectors and enthusiasts, the 1928 Bordeaux wines offer a historical perspective on the region's winemaking. While they all may not consistently deliver the depth and elegance associated with Bordeaux at its best, they can provide insight into a unique period in the region's history and the variability of Bordeaux vintages. When encountering bottles from this vintage today, it's essential to manage expectations and to seek out well-preserved bottles from reputable producers for the best possible tasting experiences.


Tasting note




Long and Gentle


Apricot, Honey, Creamy and Glycerin


Intense and Generous




Perfectly balanced, Multi-dimensional, Well-structured, Rich, Elegant, Full and Sweet

Written Notes

The best wine I have ever tasted, above all the rest.......increadible, and I can almost feel the aftertaste still.......I did not know what it was, served blind. I nailed the producer.......not even close on the vintage.......

1928 Chateau Suduiraut;
Amber colour, golden hue, some crystals, amazing colour. Caramel, aprikots, creme brulee, pineapples, orange, tangerine, ripe lemons, apples, baked pear, raisins, touch of nuts. So complex, it's another meaning. So fresh acidity, such elegance, just perfect balance, and sweetness/ acidity balance is from another world. Not very sweet anymore, just enough to grace the fruit aromas perfectly, tender body, layered and transparent, this was just beyond anything........and what a length and aftertaste, it lasted not for seconds or minutes, we're talking hours......still ther the next morning. (You just do not brush you're teeth with these flavours going on in the mouth....Increadible! 100

  • 100p

Tasted in April 2018 during dinner at Domaine de Chevalier. Amazing 90 years old Sauternes, still fresh, well-composed with great character, acidity,taste, complexity and length. Refined at sophisticated. Broad caleidoscope of botrytised flavours. A real blast from the past. 

  • 98p
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Sauternes, Bordeaux
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