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Krug 1989 is the result of a contrasting year ending with a very warm summer which gave mature, expressive, long lasting, complete and silky wines. To express the character of this year, the House of Krug blended 25 growths, well-structured and persistent Pinot Noirs (47%), rich Chardonnays (29%) and sparkling fresh Meunier (24%). 

Now, over 22 years later, Krug Collection 1989 sparks new sensations that develop under time’s magical influence, expressing an outstanding new facet of this Champagne.
Krug 1989, originally part of the only trilogy of Krug Vintages in the history of the House. It was presented before Krug 1988. Krug 1989 not only tells the story of the year captured by Krug but now as Krug Collection, reveals a totally unprecedented personality. It is expressive and opulent.  

Krug Collection 1989 is a true example of time sublimation; maturity reveals more facets and depth, new flavours surprise while old ones have gained structure.  Krug Collection 1989 has a new adventure to live and share.


The Story

To the delight of Krug Lovers around the world, a very limited number of Krug Vintage bottles are kept in ideal conditions in the House’s cellars. They are tasted and appraised as they wait to blossom into a second life. The Cellar Master might then decide that some Krug Vintages reveal a new personality and become Krug Collection. Krug Collection is a tribute to time sublimation: maturity exposes hidden facets, depth and new flavours, while gaining structure and complexity. Krug Collection is always a wonderful discovery, a deeper story of the Krug Vintage.


Wine Information

Krug 1989 is the result of a contrasting year ending with a very warm summer. For Krug, the wines of the year were mature, expressive, long, complete and silky. To express the character of this vintage, the House blended well-structured and persistent Pinot Noir (47%), aromatic Chardonnay (29%) and sparkling fresh Meunier (24%).

Krug Collection 1989 is the second life of Krug 1989. Now, over 25 years after its creation, Krug Collection 1989 reveals a new, expressive and opulent personality. 

Krug Collection 1989 is part of the House of Krug’s unique trilogy of three exceptional years (1988, 1989, 1990) with completely different climates that resulted in Champagnes that are unique.

The Krug Collection bottles are numbered and leave the House in descending order, thereby revealing how many of these precious Champagnes still remain. They are guaranteed by Krug with a certificate of authenticity signed by Olivier Krug, which can be provided upon request.

The final composition of this bottle of Krug Collection 1989 is 47% Pinot Noir, 29% Chardonnay and 24% Meunier.


Vintage 1989

Champagne: A warm vintage, where simply charming wines were produced. However, there was not enough heat throughout the year. Spring frosts killed some of the shoots, reducing the harvest by 20%. The inflorescences were discontinued due to the exceptionally cold weather. This was followed by the maturation of the grapes in two phases. The first harvest was already made at the beginning of September and the second at the beginning of October. Overall, the result was a great harvest of good wines. The vintage has been compared to what others believe to be the legendary hot vintages of the century – 1947, 1959 and 1976. The wines are marked by rich essence, heavy taste, tropical fruitiness and softer acids. The vintage matures noticeably faster than 1988 and 1990, reaching its peak in the following 3 to 5 years.


Average Bottle Price

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1 090€ +25.3% 870€ +31.2% 663€ +4.7% 633€ -6.2% 675€ +14.4% 590€ +213.8% 188€

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Tasting note

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Written Notes

A wine I liked a lot for a long time but that obviously is going through a strange phase. The wine feels much more oxidative than that released in the 90s. Can not think of other than that this phase is temporary. Really hope so. Last bottle was lovely with mint chocolate tone from 1938.

  • 93p
We started with a surprisingly approachable 1989 Krug Collection. Its nose was soft and buttery with some signature vanilla and some orange fruit. It was very tender for an ’89, showing citrus and mahogany flavors. The Mogul found it, ‘smooth and rich,’ and I couldn’t believe how mature and ready it seemed, which is very atypical for recently released, young Krug collections (94).
  • 94p

Deep intense golden yellow colour that announces maturity, opulence, harmony and elegance.

Exotic, complex nose consisting of honey with spices and white fruits, truffle, earth, slightly browned apples, a hint of high-toned flowers, yeast, and a gentle nuttiness in the background.

Deep palate with bright, high youthful tones of pear, green apple, citrus fruits marmalade, fresh figs and even a touch of earth with a finish which goes on and on with undertones of mineral and spices.

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Reims, Champagne

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Inside Information

"Delicate, refined, medium bodied and elegant in style, with aromas of toast, citrus peel, smoke and stone, this Champagne is ready for consumption. I am honored to have tasted this wine, but this is not a value play in the world of expensive Champagne. It needed more body and freshness. 93 Points" - 93/100Jeff Leve, The Wine Cellar Insider


Krug Collection 1989 is the perfect accompaniment to foie gras, fish in cream sauce, any dessert created with autumn fruits, or simply some slices of aged Comté cheese as well as any other audacious combinations

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