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    Mature caviar from the Aquitaine region

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The Story

DOM PÉRIGNON OENOTHÈQUE  / As the custodian of Dom Pérignon’s history and style, Geoffroy watches over a few samples of each vintage in his OEnothèque, the Chef de Cave’s wine cellar. In the OEnothèque, the wine continues to mature for years and even decades, and is reborn with each metamorphosis of time, for Dom Pérignon is unanimously recognized for its impressive aging potential. As Geoffroy puts it, “Dom Pérignon OEnothèque is the ultimate expression of a wine whose style defies time.”

Geoffroy’s commitment to the OEnothèque program, which began with the 1990 Vintage, involves ongoing personal research on each vintage. The effect of time on the bottled wine retains its share of mystery and surprise even for him.

Dom Pérignon keeps pushing one step further, sometimes rewriting the rules, to pave the path for renewed experiences. So does Œnothèque, glorifying the exclusive process of actively aging a wine on its lees to offer a magnified style through re-releases. Œnothèque prolongs the character of the original Vintage wine, coming ever closer to the ideal of Dom Pérignon. The patience of wine lovers is now rewarded with a deeper, more intimate discovery and perception of Dom Pérignon. The current Vintage is put in proper perspective by giving a glimpse of the aging potential. It would now be virtually impossible for me to imagine Dom Pérignon without its Œnothèque expression.


Wine Information


The year was notable for its exceptional summer : A fairly overcast spring meant that the vines flowered late but quickly. The summer compensated for the spring, with a heat wave arriving at the end of June. For two months, there was hardly any rain, just a few isolated clouds and above-normal temperatures that seat a 30 year record. The harvest began on September 18 for the Chardonnay and on September 25 for the Pinot noir grapes.



Dom Pérignon and Karl Lagerfeld revealed the secrets of their first collaboration project at the launch party for Dom Pérignon 1998 in New York two years ago. Last year they returned to Hollywood to introduce the new image of Dom Pérignon Rosé. This year Dom Pérignon and Karl Lagerfeld have once again joined forces to launch the Dom Pérignon Oenotheque in Paris.

The Dom Pérignon Oenotheque celebrates Dom Pérignon’s ability to change, yet remain ever the same. Who could better appreciate this than Karl Lagerfeld? A fashion designer, photographer and publisher, Karl Lagerfeld is unbelievably creative; he is the embodiment of ‘metamorphosis’.
What is common to both Dom Pérignon and Karl Lagerfeld is the refined and playful hedonism characteristic of the 18th century. Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration comes from Moreau le Jeune’s engravings, one of the many pleasures during the era of libertine men. Karl Lagerfeld interpreted and photographed the Dom Pérignon Oenotheque campaign in a tableau vivant-style collection. It portrays the fantasies that a young, modern aristocrat has of the woman he plans to marry. In these fantasies his bride changes into different archetypal shapes of femininity. The images are at times eccentric, provocative and seductive – light years away from the graceful bride who looks prim whilst reading a book by the fireplace in their mansion on the left bank.
Karl Lagerfeld says:
- This is a story of a young, beautiful, “old money” couple. Dom Pérignon’s magic inspires the man to see his bride in all kinds of extraordinary situations, which the woman would most likely never dream of. In the man’s mind, his bride can be all of these women in one body.
The end result is a daring portrait gallery of a young woman who has the ability to metamorphose. She becomes Libertine Ingénue; a French nurse with a tiny apron, fishnet tights and high heels; ideal female companion; scary businesswoman, whose underwear is as elegant as her suit is formal; a tomboy in a suit and a tie; a young, serious teacher; a mystic adventurer with enchanting eyes in China at nightfall; a disco queen with a perfectly-fitting mini skirt; a Venus dressed in leather, brandishing her whip; and a beautiful 18th century duchess, teasing a young man with her pervert moodiness.

Lagerfeld creates a glamorous picture series of a fantasy woman. These fantasies stem from the heroine’s imagination as if they were emerging from Pandora’s Box.
The series was photographed in black and white so as to create more power and modernity. Karl Lagerfeld says:
- The power, freshness and modernity of the black and white photos emphasise the characters Claudia plays. These are wild fantasies. People can be shocked. They may think these are not morally acceptable but imagination doesn’t need to have official approval.
- These portraits show a woman who shapeshifts in time, from the 18th century to the 21st century. However, she retains her personality throughout this, Lagerfeld adds, and continues:
- She is like Dom Pérignon, the champagne which is the manifestation of the 19th century but which also serves as a symbol of modern luxury.
The success of this work of art is also based on the personas of the two actors – Claudia Schiffer and Brad Kroenig.
Brad Kroenig is perfect as the master of ceremonies of his own fantasies. He searches for his beautiful bride’s real identity through imaginary characters. In the end, he realises that his bride is all these characters whilst being herself at the same time, playing each of these roles perfectly.
Claudia Schiffer shows her true acting skills. We have never before seen her in these types of roles.

Karl Lagerfeld chose Claudia because “she is the symbol of a modern woman, and at the same time she has the ability to be all these women in one character. Because the young man sees his bride in all these different roles, we needed someone who can play all these characters without losing her own personality. We needed someone who retains her own look and style whilst showing a hint of glamour at the same time, and this is what only Claudia can do.”
Claudia Schiffer says:
- It is fascinating to play so many different characters; it’s like playing a game. I especially liked two things whilst doing these Dom Pérignon shoots: Karl Lagerfeld’s unbelievable spontaneity and creativity and Dom Pérignon itself – how it feeds the imagination and enriches your perceptions of the environment surrounding you. Life itself becomes a luxurious moment.


Vintage 1995

A welcome relief after some difficult years in the region. Quantity-wise, it was the seventh high-cropping year in a row. But, in 1995, the quality also excelled, and particularly so for Chardonnay. There were significant frost damages during the spring and the warm but wet weather in the summer ignited mildew and rot problems. The vines cropped heavily and rigorous vineyard work and selection during harvest led to best results. Harvest commenced on September 18th and yielded grapes of a fine balance of sugar and acidity. The vintage has turned out to be much better than first expected and it has emerged from the shadow of the much-hyped 1996. This vintage is marked by elegance of its inviting fruitiness, beautiful balance and slow-building finesse. Its greatest examples include Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires, Dom Pérignon (whole range), Louis Roederer Cristal and Cristal Rosé, Bollinger R.D, Krug Vintage and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne.


Tasting note


Medium and Gold


Smooth, Pure and Sharp


Citrus and White fruits






Concentrated, Well-structured, Perfectly balanced, Elegant and Rich

Written Notes

A precociously developed, complex, luxuriously brought-up charmer. Perfect balance and a more acidic sensation in this issue with somewhat lower dosage. The translucence and elegance of a mountain stream.’ RJ 94(96)

  • 94p
Some 1995 Dom Perignon Oenotheque kicked off the evening in fine fashion. The ’95 had that classic Oeno style – clean, pungent and grassy with hints of hay, citrus and melon. The palate was full and fresh, quite long, yet the acidity didn’t overpower the wine like many young Champagnes. It still sparkled in the glass and had nice zip, rounding out and becoming more fleshy with time (94).
  • 94p

Fragrant nose, with honey, iodine, herbs and toffee complementing the lemony-floral fruit profile. For its age, it is
showing some surprising oxidative tones. Seductive lightness and smooth linearity on a well-built palate of graceful volume. Disgorged 2006.

  • 95p

Hints of biscuit and warm harvest blend instantaneously with citrus zest and black cherry. The overall impression is of smoked and toasted aromas.

Once the sensation of power and structure is absorbed, the density of the fruit is thrown into relief on the mid-palate, and the pure finish, lively, incisive and mineral, is unveiled.

Äntligen en stor årgång! Charmiga viner med vackert leende frukt och karamellartad karaktär i kontakt med dosagen. Den låga alholhalten gjorde årgången avfärdades av vissa vinskribenter och samlare som dagsländor. Drick ’95:orna medan ’96:orna utvecklas mycket långsamt. Här är en mjuk och klassisk Dom Pérignon. Ett ovanligt starkt stänk av vanilj är ett av årgångens kännetecken. Med sin lena stil och begynande komplexitet är det ingen svårighet att sopa i sig detta vin som just nu har landat på sin 20-åriga platå. Perfekt balans och klarhet och strålande elegans.
  • 96p
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Reims, Champagne

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